Writers Wanted

Dear Writer,

If you have a gift for expressing yourself through the written word, something unique to say that is of value to women this is your opportunity to make your dent and get published.

When you contribute articles to Master Your Man (MYM) you get…

1. Your writing seen by 1000’s of women who read MYM everyday
2. People reading your professional bio
3. A link to your website, blog or facebook page

Want to write for MYM?

TASK: In 600 original words or less and submit a brief article on an intimacy or relationship problem you solved or can solve and how you solved it, below.

Remember to include your name, email, 1 line bio and/or link so we can give you all the credit we promised.

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Part-time Editor Wanted

If you have experience as an editor please send an extremely short coversheet by going to go to the contact page – include the word ‘Editor Wanted’ in the subject field.

8 responses to “Writers”

  1. […] advice. Writers Wanted :: IF you are interested in writing for MYM on a more serious basis click here [Editor :: Do you have any fresh tips to add on how to keep a man interested? Share below ] […]

  2. Dagny says:

    Hey! Just wondering when the deadline is to submit your article?

  3. Garland M. Thompson says:

    Where can I sumbit my article?

  4. Dagny says:

    Hi, I sent my article to you through the contact page. I couldn’t work out a way to attach it so it was copied into the message space. Just wondering was it received and if not is there another address I should send it to? Sorry to bother you. Thanks.

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