What Men Like In Bed – 5 Insights

Men are simple creatures with simple needs…just like a pet dog (horrible analogy but it works). Keep things fun, keep him fed and keep him fulfilled. That’s the secret to caring for man and making him happy.

Here are some quick tips on what men like in bed to make absolutely sure your man is fulfilled.

Variety, frequency, orgasmic, desire, adventure

1. Frequency

A survey I conducted of thousands of men indicated that quantity and regularity of sex was a top priority. 75% of men who responded said they wanted sex at least 5x per week.

How often were they having sex? Most responded under 1 session per week or none. This means his sexual fulfillment  ‘gas tank’ is running on empty.

You’re man may not need or want sex 5x per week – but it’s important to find out where his expectations are.

The good news is that sex doesn’t have to be great but it does have to happen regularly.

2. Desire

Do you like to feel that your man is attracted and finds you sexually desirable? Well here’s a news flash – men like to feel sexually attractive, too.

Men tire of constantly chasing sex or badgering their partner for it. Not having to hunt and chase sex is one of the primary reasons men settle down with a woman. Gasp! Get over it…it’s true.

That’s why some men feel a bit ripped off when they get married and the sex dries up.

3. Adventure

Adventure is sexy. What guys want in bed is a woman who is willing to experiment a little. Experimenting is attractive and exciting.

Be open, enthusiastic and willing to experiment on your body as well as his. Make it a game or adventure.

One thing I like to advise is to do 1 tiny little thing differently each time you have sex. It doesn’t have to be big. Maybe were you have sex, how you kiss, how hard or soft etc… What happens is that now each love making session has an exciting and unanticipated little twist in it….like a great movie.

This is just what guys want in bed but what women want, as well.

4. Orgasmic

Up until this point it probably reads like it’s all about satisfying him and his needs, right? Well the truth is that what men like in bed and what men want in bed is for YOU to be sexually satisfied. Men get off on seeing YOU get off.

You see, we’re not all bad, are we?

What guys want deep down inside is for you to be as sexually satisfied as him. So it’s your responsibility to ensure you are orgasmic. Can you reach orgasm by yourself and with him? If not you should start practicing. The health of your relationship may hinge on it.

He wants to know that he can give you pleasure but men need lots of help in this department.

5. Passion

The only thing worse than being in bed with someone who’s a ‘dead fish’ is not having sex at all. Without passion, sooner or later your sex life will evaporate and you’re just become roommates.

Participating is one thing but being a willing, enthusiastic participant is quite another.

Do what you need to do to display passion. Fake it until you make it if you have to. Act as if you are passionate and your body will begin to respond.

DO NOT, however, ever fake orgasms for several reasons. Primarily because you will train him to be a bad lover.

[Editor Jay Archer :: What other a tips or insights or questions
do you have about what men want in bed? Share below ]

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17 responses to “What Men Like In Bed – 5 Insights”

  1. Anonymous says:

    great advice Jay

  2. Lerato says:

    My boyfriend and I recently moved in together. Sex was on top of the world. Slowly the frequency decreased. I’ve tried to get him in the moment but it doesn’t work. When he feels like making out, once in a while, it should be tea-time. I feel like I’m on standby really. Why is it be bad for me wanting to have sex yet when he feels like it I must jump.

    • christina says:

      try satisfying yourself when he’s in the room with you or with the door open where he can see you. he might decide to come and “join” you when he sees you having so much “fun”.

  3. Banterlaugh says:

    I completely agree, Like why should WOMEN solely be responsibilty for the relationship sexually and making sure the man is sexually satisfied primarily and ourselves secondary, shouldn’t it be equal?

    • christina says:

      Yeah. Sex should be about both people getting what they want and need. Not just about one selfish party.

  4. Kilynne says:

    Me and my boyfriend have sex alot, it’s amazing but I can’t orgasm or climax and we do it for hours sometimes or even twice a day

    • christina says:

      Are you distracted or uncomfortable during sex? Those are two of the biggest issues with an inability to orgasm or climax. For instance: I can’t have an orgasm if my toes are cold. I wear socks during winter (during sex) and then I wasn’t focusing on my toes being cold and was able to enjoy myself. It could be as simple as that.

      • Jay Archer says:

        Good point, Christina. The issue could be that a woman does not know how to reach climax but for others it’s that they are distracted.

        I call it “getting your head in the game” to achieve climax.

        • christina says:

          Thanks, Archer. But honestly, you’ve missed one very important factor. There are some women who worry so much about making sure that thier man gets his that they don’t even take time to notice if something feels good or not. I mean, talk about an issue there. They’re just so busy trying to accomodate thier man that they don’t even think to get some pleasure from the action themselves!

        • Tysh says:

          yes, you WOULD say that…you’re a man and as such you have never experienced orgasm from the feminine perspective; so how in thee bloody hell can you blithely say “get your head into the game”?

          It’s a fact that a woman’s orgasm is more complicated than a man’s. You guys require what, the wind to blow? Lucky azzes. Having one’s “head in the game” does not in anyway increase the skill level of one’s partner, working together helps, especially if you’re with a guy who can handle a little positive/creative feedback *good luck with THAT* but it sure is fun when you guys DO put some effort into it.

          The name of this site, yes it IS Master Your Man. But I have a totally different perception of what that means. . .
          . . . I’m just sayin’

  5. Keskiyo says:

    Good spelling and grammar are sexy.

    Your article is not as sexy as it could be.

    Remember, bad spelling and bad grammar are a turn off.

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  7. Zornitsa says:

    It seems at the end that all the responsibilities are only on our shoulders, it seems we (women) should do everithing: seduce you, protect you, teach you… turning you on, keeping you interested… A question springs into my mind at this point: What’s the sense of you at the end??? We should be your mommies, your friends, your sex divas, we should turn on everytime… You don’t want to do anything anymore, But just sitting there on the couch is not very attractive for us, it’s not that it turns us on, we do not turn us on by ourselves!!! What happens when a woman loses her interest of her man after all this. We too need to be conquisted and teased, you know. Why don’t you once give an advice for you, men, for how to keep your women interesed or how to turn them on because, you know, this is something you all men really need to learn!!!!

    • Jay Archer says:

      You’re NOT going to get an argument from me, Zornitsa. You’re right! BUT this site is about how to master YOUR MAN…not how he can master you. That would be a different site…get it?

  8. Mary says:

    I think every man really loves and wants a great blow job, and also anal sex, I talked to my bf and bought a great educational cd on giving a great blow job, we watched it together and he was able to tell me what there was on the cd that he liked or didn’t like, not only did I learn but found it really turned me on, he is a wonderful lover is always ready to do anything I need or ask for, being able to talk about what we like or need is also what I think a man wants, however I love having sex, orgasm easily and do ejaculate which drives him nuts, we also watch some porn together, and he loves me waking him up in the morning for sex, we both have fun with sex, it is a mutual thing for us!

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