6 Ways To Tease Your Man

GUEST Article by The Lovely Lucy

Well surely every girl here knows how to tease a man when he’s with her but what about when he’s not around? Think about the wives and girlfriends who wait for their man who come tired after a long day.

Most women wait for their man to get turned on or try to speed the process with seductive dance moves, erotic outfits, or setting a candle light environment (as suggested by most of related sites). Sometimes we win, sometimes we lose. Winning is good, but losing… eeh… there are just no words for it.

Instead of waiting for your man to heat up or get in the mood why not keep him turned on all day, even when he’s at office? It has worked for me and I’d love to share my uncommon teasing tips:

  • Before office: Early morning is the best time for romance & to tell him how much love and want him, spiritually and sexually. Express your love with hugs, kisses, touchings, or even a BJ under the covers in bed. Actually, you could probably skip the speaking part.
  • Secret naughty deeds: Before he leaves, make sure you set all the naughty things right to keep him turn on. Secretly, pack a condom or dildo in his laptop bag or suitcase. He must not come to know about it until he reaches his office. IF he calls you upset at his discovery just tell him that you love him and intend on making passionate love to him when he returns.
  • Four to Six: Yes, 4-6 is the crucial time when most he’ll start to feel exhausted. Energize him by calling & tell him that you’re anxiously waiting for him in red lingerie or a sexy outfit. Talk naughty to him. Tell him what you’d like HIM to do to you and what you will do to him.
  • Text Messages: If he’s busy, send titillating texts to him & call him when he’s on his way back to home, tell him you can’t wait to feel him inside you. His anticipation will build. He will be excited to rush home and be with you.
  • Treat Him: When he gets home make him relax and pamper him a bit by getting something to eat or drink. As he finishes his meal and is settled in begin to run your fingers up and down your sexy legs making him drool and tingle.
  • Tease Him: Seductively  touching your nipples through your top. Touch your hot red panties. Run your hands all over your hot body as you seduce him with your sexy eyes. Slide a finger inside then up to your lips and run your wet finger over your lips.  Then slowly undo your bra, covering your nipples with hands & tease him by not revealing yourself to him yet. He will be salivating – wanting so bad to taste lovely breasts. Finally, approach him slowly, offering yourself and let him take you.

Congratulations, you won him!

[ Editor Jay Archer : I think Lucy has some very hot ideas. I’d appreciate a little of this  treatment, too.
What do you think of the Lovely Lucy’s tips? Any tips of your own? Share below]

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13 responses to “6 Ways To Tease Your Man”

  1. Jennie says:

    I love the idea of putting a vibrator in his laptop bag. Or how about a strap-on and a tube of silicone lubricant? Add a message, “I’m going to use this as soon as you’re home!”

    Send nude photographs of yourself to his work email address! Give the messages titles that will make sure he opens them, like “Urgent project meeting in fifteen minutes.” Use an anonymous message service so that the mail appears to come from a work colleague.

    Visit him at work and give him a hand job in the office.


    • Archer says:

      Jennie, great ideas.

      I’m not sure about the anonymous message so that it appears to come from coworker though. Wonder how they would turn out?

  2. Em says:

    Great ideas!!!

  3. Iku says:

    Jay, you don’t have a girl, or she doesn’t do those things to you???

    Sending emails to the work address isn’t always advised, so some companies snoop incoming and outgoing mails. Could get him in trouble…

  4. christina says:

    wouldn’t send anything to a work email either… could cause too much trouble.
    you might try putting a naughty pic in his briefcase or sending it to his cell while he’s at work though.

  5. Elizabeth says:

    I’m not too keen with the idea of emailing your own nude photo from an anonymous email. What if he’s presenting something in front group of people with his laptop, which is connected to a projector… and somehow looking at the subject of “urgent project meeting” he opens the mail there and then *GASP!* 😀

    Some of the tips are easier said than done though. I can feel the excitement but I’m not very sure whether I can pull ’em off…

  6. Kelly says:

    What I want to know is…how do I do all this with a house full of kids? where can I find time to meet him at the door in lingerie? and how can we find time for us when we are never alone? we are in a new town and don’t know a soul here, so babysitters aren’t in the picture right now. Sigh….

    • Chewa says:

      Schools and after-school programs are a great way to make friends with other parents. Church is another great place to meet friends. Once you’ve established a genuine friendship with another parent, ask them to babysit for 2 hrs or so. It doesn’t have to be the whole night if you just want to get your freak on. But building a support system takes time, and in the meantime, you may want to teach your kids that while they’re watching a movie, they’re not allowed to come into your bedroom. A door lock may be in order. And sometimes, you may just have to settle for a quickie. But it’s important to make your relationship with your husband/bf a priority or else it’ll crumble over time. Good luck!

      • Archer says:

        Good suggestions, Chewa.

        And you’re right on making your relationship a priority…I Wouk say second only to your kids.

    • Miranda says:

      I agree. I find these tips helpful, and often enjoy these articles but would LOVE to see one or two directed more at people with children who cant wait for their man in lingerie when he comes home from work, although it is a wonderful idea and hope we are still interested enough when that time in our life returns.

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