The Number 1 Sex Position For Men Revealed

This is one question that I get all the time.  It usually goes something like:

“I really want to have better sex with my partner, what sex position do men enjoy best?”


“Is it true that doggy style is a man’s favourite sex position?

Well for all you ladies out there going on all fours thinking that you are giving your man exactly what he wants I am here to disappoint you.  It’s not that we don’t enjoy the doggy style position, of course we do but there is another sex position that tops this in terms of male satisfaction.

Want to know what it is?

Believe it or not, it’s actually the woman on top.  Congratulations to all you ladies out there who got this right and for the rest of you, keep reading to see why.

So you all know what the woman on top position is but the sad fact is that so many of you women are so paranoid and hung up about your bodies that you don’t do it often enough.  If you want to have better sex with your man then it really is time to lighten up.

So woman on top.  Well it’s like this, it’s not very often that us guys get to lie back and really enjoy the pleasure of having you take control.  Having you writhing your hips on top of us, maybe even leaning over and holding our arms (or tying them) over our head so that we can’t touch you or move.  Having you in full control, letting you set the pace and of course being able to have your delicious breasts hanging in front of our faces.

Oh yes, this really is pure bliss.

Sadly it doesn’t happen often enough.

I remember asking a number of my exs why they weren’t up for the woman on top position more often.  You won’t believe the excuses I got.

“I don’t want you to see my flabby stomach.”

“I don’t like the way my boobs wobble.”

“I don’t want you to see me.”

Such pathetic excuses ladies.  Let me set your straight on a few things.  We don’t care if you have a flabby stomach, it’s the last thing we are going to be looking at or even thinking about while you’re on top of us.  As for your boobs wobbling, this one really makes me laugh.  If only you could realize just how turned on we get watching your boobs as you call them bobbing up and down in front of our faces as you trash back and forth on top of us.  Oh just lean forward and let us nibble on them would you.

Let’s face it ladies, we aren’t looking at your bodily imperfections, we’re focused on what is happening and you should be too.  We are engrossed in the pleasure we are receiving and you are the one giving it to us.  We love having you take control and putting us in our place.  We love the feeling of you sitting on top of us, controlling how far inside you we can get, we really really do.

So if it’s better sex you want and a sex position that is going to work for you then ladies, start putting more of the woman on top position on your sex calendar.  I’m sure after a few minutes you’ll forget all about your body too, well except for the parts that are going to be exploding with pleasure.

Until next time,

Ride Em Cowboy

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23 responses to “The Number 1 Sex Position For Men Revealed”

  1. Cynthia says:

    is it really true? And does it reallly work? Taking control… Welll trying to at least i’ve never been the one to take control of anything. i’d be so scared how can i boost myself up so i can try to take control? Please help me i want my man to want me and love me but mostly want me.

    • A_man says:

      The best advice that I can give you Cynthia is to just try it and see. Once you have done it once your confidence will soar and once you are more confident your man will definitely notice it and it should make a huge difference.

  2. jennifer says:

    i knew that position was the number one top male position but i have a problem id love to be able to do it but im a small lady and my other half is 6’1 and very well endowed and i find it hard to straddle when im on top as i cant seem to posiston my legs properly we do have a great sex life when we see one another but id like to give him a break and relax or even better me take control for a change and any help or suggestions would be great thanks

  3. Wanda says:

    Hi Jennifer,

    Here is a slight variation that might help, my ex said when I did this it blow his mind he couldn’t believe no other woman ever did it. What is it…. instead of having your knees on the bed, plant one foot on each side of him and squat down, lots of room for us vertically challenges ladies…Im only 5’2″ and my ex was 6’4″.

    Enjoy the ride 🙂

  4. Meagan says:

    I get what you are saying. I used to be like that to. Not understaanding how to stradle him because I am short. My husband is 6’2. So, It gets complicated. I would practice it and dont take it seriously. Sex is not a serious thing. We went through our “phase” of trying to spice up our sex life, when we didnt need it. But, Things became to serous in the bedroom, and we didnt like it anymore. So, I think my best advise to you is practice it, and dont take it to serious. There is also Reverse cowgirl position if you are up for trying that. If you go to and type in sex positions, you will be amazed of what you may find. Good Luck!

  5. Meagan says:

    have you ever maybe thought that instead of straddling him you could try to sit side saddle or something. It might be something new for both of you and could fix that problem. good luck

  6. Jen says:


    I am hear to tell you, that this is not only a mans favorite position, but mine as well. I am a full-figured lady, and as you said, at that point in time, my body flaws are the last thing on my mind. What is on my mind, is the complete and utter sensual sensation that is happening. From the look on his face, to the sounds he makes…..amazing. Not to mention what it does for me (smiles).

  7. jo says:

    hey jennifer i love this position, my man 2 is well endowned, i find the squating above him lets me control how deep he goes inside me, it drives my man wild 🙂 its a killer on the thighs though!! i find i have 2 hold on to the headboard 4 support as it takes good balance skills but u might find it ok 4 u 🙂 hope this helps x

  8. Lisa says:

    You are so right. My boyfriend LOVES it when I am on top. It’s actually my favorite position also, so we have sex this way all the time. If you haven’t tried it, ladies, you really need to. Your man will love you for it.

  9. Nicole says:

    I found that the guy loves to watch a woman come in this position. Its a nice view when you think about it.
    This position sure is a good workout for me, but it gets so tiring if you arent used to it. So practice practice, and workout those legs!

  10. bec says:

    i would love to be able to do this aswell, but yer…i have like, nothing for the guy to grab, or look at.
    lol no ass, no tits, nothing! i dont like having “boyfriends” so instead i stick with “fuck buddies” as my friends call them.
    but i had sex with this one guy, who kept having me on top. like, it didnt work with him on top?
    and yer, another guy only wanted doggy, and another likes different.
    and with the whole “girl on top” thing, the only reason guys like bottom is cause they’re lazy. lol thats my opinion anyway. but do guys really care bout boob size much??

    • A_man says:


      To be honest more guys love boobs but if they are your partner they will be more fascinated with you than the size of your boobs and that is the real truth of the matter. We like to look at boobs but when we are with someone it is not for their boob size. You need to get some confidence and stop selling yourself short.

  11. Kathleen says:

    Hi, love the feeling of being on top. However it’s now the only the position he wants for the last four years and I want a break. I feel lost and not touched during the love making. Talked about change, but nothing has ever changed and this positon has now messed up my pleasure. Diva’s he will love it. Maybe too much. Now what? Any ideas on how to get your man to open up to change now that he has had the best positon too much.

    Help! Not looking to not change partners. I love him.

    • A_man says:

      Hi Kathy,

      The best advice I can give you is to ask. Why not try suggesting a new position this will definitely work. What you do is say something like “honey, I saw this great new sex position in a magazine the other day, would you fancy giving it a try?” I can guarantee that he will jump at the chance. That’s the nice way round your situation.

      Hope this helps.

  12. Rinnie says:

    Jennifer, my partner and I have a similar problem. Or rather, I used to find it a big problem, as it seemed I couldn’t move enough due to my legs being stretched pretty far just to get my kness on the floor/bed/wherever.

    I seem to have gotten more used to it, so I can only offer these tips:

    Firstly, if you practise, you should get better. It’s also a great workout, and since you’re letting him have a break he won’t mind if you need to rest a little every now and then.

    Secondly, try varying your position- you could support yourself on your arms and lower legs (kness in the air), which allows you to work with the head of his penis at your entrance, or try lying your upper body right on his for support, allowing you to move your hips more. This will give your muscles a break if you find it tiring by using different groups in different positions, as well as stimulating him more. 🙂

    Another idea I have yet to try is placing a cushion either side of him where your knees will be, so you’re raised more.

  13. tendayi says:

    i would love to be sent more tips on how to give a handjob

  14. Kim says:

    I have the same problem Jennifer what seems to work is putting firm pillows on either side to give you a little leverage or one knee on the pillow and up like your kneeling before you enter a church pew. and use his body has a balancer lots of control that way and my man loves it….

  15. kathleen again says:


    If you and your man both love the woman on top position but want to spice it up a bit for you i would recommend instead of sitting up while you’re on top all the time, you could lie down while still being on top. this will create a greater sense of intimacy and that way you can kiss etc. my boy loves it when i do this to him as he can wrap his arms and legs around my back too.

    also, if you’re really wanting a change from being on top try to roll him beneath you when you are on top.

    otherwise i really agree with A_Man: Ask!

  16. Jonathan says:

    I usually start on top of her and she tolerates it for about 30 seconds. I don’t know that it’s mine, but it sure is hers. No other position will do for her.

  17. MANANA says:

    it scool

  18. Janine says:

    I love to be on top with my partner.. But as time goes by, i feel so shy wen having sex with him because of my boobs.. My boobs is not good’looking becoz we had already a baby,and i am breastfeeding ..

    • Jay Archer says:

      Get over it. Nothing stays the same.

      I don’t have six pack abs like a used to and more hair on my chest.

      Don’t let things like that get in the way of having a great sex life.

      Keep up the sex!

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