What Relationship OR Intimacy Skill Would You MOST Like To Learn In Next 30 to 60 Days?

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Poll: Size 8’s Have More Sex

Turns out that having a small dress size could be the key to having more sex in marriage or your relationship.
If you’re a woman who wears a size 8 dress chances are you’re having more sex in your relationship than everyone else, says a new sex study.

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Name That Radio Show

In 2011 Master Your Man will launch an online radio show that you can listen to on your computer or MP3 player. You’ll be able to submit your questions and listen to relationship advice from a man’s man. Loading… You May Also Be Interested In:Woops…Suggest a topic in comments below

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Sex Excuses Exposed

What are the most popular excuses for turning down sex? I have no idea BUT I’ll try and find out statistically…with a little help from you. Using comments from MYM reads and a survey to 1000’s of subscribers I will uncover the most popular excuses for turning down sex. Why? I want to see if there’s a common theme that can be easily solved…so we […]

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Guest Writers OR No?

In the recent past I welcomed an enthusiastic, passionate amateur guest writer. Brave, brave Lucy stepped up, wrote an article and took a bit of a stomping comment wise. (Welcome to my world) I don’t pretend to have all the answers, just an Alpha Male view and some experience. I would love to facilitate Being a guest contributor could be a great opportunity for some […]

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Suggest A T-Shirt

What would you love to see on a t-shirt or tight tank top? Soon I’ll be offering my own line of Master Your Man t-shirts BUT I need your help… I’ve seen some cute, cheeky and very funny T-shirts lately. BUT I want to know what YOU would wear. Here a few of my own t-shirt ideas… Who needs XYZ when you have breasts like […]

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Will you be my FaceBook friend?

Every time I turn around someone is talking about FaceBook, FaceBook, FACEBOOK. What’s this all about? Is it really that cool or just a waste of time? Some people are wild about it. I’m curious, if I joined FaceBook and created a page, would you add me? (For the record I haven’t created anything yet – just want to find if I should get on […]

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