The Biggest Reason Men Pull Away?

“Why is he pulling away from me?” My friend asked me about the guy she’s interested in. I told her that, believe it or not, some men pull away because they care about you. What?! Just because he’s not barrelling forward and jumping into a relationship like a pool on a blazing hot summer day doesn’t mean he’s not interested in you. With some men, […]

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Is He Moving Too Fast?

Is He Moving Too Fast?

It’s hard to know what a man is thinking about you or your relationship unless you’re a close confident, a fly on the wall of his locker room conversations or a fly inside his brain, reading his thoughts. Or you can run your question past a bunch of alpha males like Paul Wright, author of Decoding has. Today’s question comes from a reader who’s […]

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Q: How Can I Make Him Want A Serious Relationship?

Q: How Can I Make Him Want A Serious Relationship?

Q :: ” I have this Guy I am interested in and he likes me too. But he’s not looking for a committed relationship. I really like him a lot and I want to bring him closer. He is in the military stationed in CA. And we used to talk all the time. He is coming to visit me in two weeks and I really […]

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My Man Doesn’t Want To Spend Time With Me?

My Man Doesn’t Want To Spend Time With Me?

“I’m a catch…loving, supportive and don’t ask him for stuff” she said.

“All he does is work, work, work. I just want to spend time with him…like having dinner together. I don’t understand why he doesn’t want to spend time with me!”

“I feel like such a failure!”

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Has he lost his mind?

A friend of mine has broken up with his girlfriend 12x in 6 months. No, I’m not exaggerating! 1. What advice do you have for him? 2. Any thoughts on their relationship future? Share your advice and personal experience You May Also Be Interested In:How Do You Get Him To CHASE You?Q: How Can I Make Him Want A Serious Relationship?My Man Doesn’t Want To […]

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Advice On Dating a Married Man?

Advice on dating a married man

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Is Technology Hurting Your Love Life?

I’ve been hearing these kinds of comments from single people more and more recently: “He won’t friend me on facebook” “She is still friends with with her ex on facebook!?” “We have been texting back and forth for 3 weeks now. I can’t understand why it hasn’t gone to the next level” These are comments you’d expect from teenagers NOT your lawyer friend, aren’t they? […]

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Understand What Men Want

“If Only I Could Understand What Men Want….” by Bob Grant, Licensed Professional Counselor  – aka “The Relationship Doctor” Men always say they can’t understand women, and that women are so complicated. Well, for many women, it is the exact opposite. Most would give anything to understand what makes men “tick.” Even though women want to know what he’s thinking, men are often reluctant to […]

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