Does wearing red boost your sex appeal?

Does wearing red give you a sexual advantage? Maybe, according to a new study which found that men find women sexier if they’re sporting a crimson hue rather than, say, blue or green or possibly even black! Red is the universal color of romance, passion and sex. I see tons of women decked out in sexy outfits – but most of the time they are […]

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More Attracive To Men

How To Become More Attractive? The secret to being attractive to men comes down to simple math. You could call it the Mathematics of Attraction. You’re probably heard the cliche measurements ‘a perfect 34-24-36’ tossed around, haven’t you? Have you ever stopped to consider what is it about these measurements that men find attractive? Have men? Probably not. Research Study: Men from different cultures from […]

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What Would You Rather Be Labelled?

Humans Label – Which Label Do You Want? Humans naturally judge, compartmentalize and label. I would guess there are practical reasons and probably some selfish ones too. Regardless, we all label. Men are very creative when assigning labels BUT not very respectful, are they? Everybody labels… 1. What label would you PREFER people to use when they think about or describe you? 2. And why? […]

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4 Steps to Seduce Your Husband

After a few months of sweaty sex on every surface in the house flows into quickies before bed, the familiarity of marriage can lead to the frustration of bedroom boredom.  Many couples experience the downfall of their sex life due to the pressure of marriage leaving women wondering how to seduce their husband.  The secret to how to seduce your husband is easy.  It requires […]

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What Women Don’t Know About Men – Part 4

The Art of Physical Attraction Every woman starts off with a tight booty and a pretty pair of high heel s to show off a fresh manicure.  You feel sexy when the men buzz around you right?  Like honey to a bee.  But, a few months into a relationship, when everyone is comfortable, the sweat pants come out and you stop shaving your legs each […]

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Six Signals: How to Know When a Guy Likes You

As little girls, do you have memories of torturing the poor petals of flower to the rhythm of “he loves me, he loves me not?” Don’t we all? It seems to be that we start early on our quest to understand how to tell if a guy likes you. Contrary to the melody musings of Cher, the key to understanding how a man feels about […]

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How to Have Sex like Britney Spears or Pam Anderson

If the passion romps of Britney Spears or Pamela Anderson splashed across the front page of gossip magazines peeks your interest in a non-need to sexually expose yourself in public kind of way, then you have come to the right place to unleash your inner sex-kitten.  In truth, many women spend time copying the styles of famous vixens while wondering how to have sex like […]

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