Blow Him Away Below The Belt

Blow Him Away Below The Belt

We asked thousands of men a single question in our one-of-a-kind survey… “What do you wish every woman knew about giving better blow jobs?” Learn what he (secretly) wishes you knew… You May Also Be Interested In:The Taste Grosses Me OutThe Joys Of Gagging?4 Tips To End Sexual BoredomMaster Your Man with Mind Blowing Hand Job

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What’s Most Fulfilling To A Man?

What’s Most Fulfilling To A Man?

Ever wonder what truly fulfills a man in the bedroom? Is your man’s fulfillment the same as yours? Will understanding what gives a man the most sexual fulfillment help take your own pleasure to new heights? Let’s find out…

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A Hot Idea To Keep Your Man Interested

Ever wonder what to do to get your man interested on a hot, steamy, 99-degree day? Your man wants to go to Home Depot and you want to talk! You bat around a few other ideas while he flops on the couch, preparing to watch Wedding Crashers for the zillionith time. Suddenly you’ve got it! You peel down to your pink lace bra and panties, straddle […]

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7 Ideas To Keep Him Interested

7 Ways Keep Him Interested In Bed I got a lot of comments on Master Your Man about how to keep a man interested or compel him to be more interested in his partner. Below is advice from some of the more devoted MYM readers on keeping him interested… Stay Emotionally Intimate I find that being intimate without the sex helps us stay connected, what […]

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VIDEO: How To Talk To Your Man About Sex

Some men don’t like to talk about sex and some men can’t take it. I interview author and sex expert Kim Switnicki about how to talk to your man about sex without hurting his feelings and bruising his ego. [Jay Archer :: Do you think Kim’s bang on or missing something? Would your man respond to her advice? Comment below ] Kim Switnicki, Sex Expert […]

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What Men Like In Bed – 5 Insights

Men are simple creatures with simple needs…just like a pet dog (horrible analogy but it works). Keep things fun, keep him fed and keep him fulfilled. That’s the secret to caring for man and making him happy.

Here are some quick tips on what men like in bed to make absolutely sure your man is fulfilled.

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Do You Have Mismatched Libidos?

Do You Have Mismatched Libidos?

Low sex drive, libido or sexual disinterest…it doesn’t really matter what name you give it, if one person in the relationship wants sex more than the other you’re probably feeling the impact in other parts of your relationship, right? (Interview with sex expert and author Kim Switnicki…

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Ouch, Why Does It Hurt?

Q: OK, my man is pretty big. It doesn’t bother me except during doggy style…then it just really hurts. I don’t want to have to stop doing doggy style because he says it’s his favorite position. What can I do?

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I Have Never Climaxed

“I have never had an orgasm” Editor:: I’ve invited Masturbation Coach, Wendy R Fuller to discuss this common issue. I met a woman at Starbucks yesterday who wanted to get together to brainstorm career possibilities with me. She was so interested in my Life Coaching with a deep curiosity about my niche – Women’s Sex Coaching. Like me she is 53 years old. In the […]

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How To Train Your Man In The Bedroom

It’s the same in business, boardgames, dancing and sex – “It takes 2 to tango.” And I’m talking about your man. Although I write intimacy advice for women about their men on MYM I don’t think for a second that men are perfect or absolved from taking responsibility for the quality of their love life. In fact, judging be some comments on this website, stories […]

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Help! He Is Too Small

Help! He Is Too Small

Q: I’ve been dating this new guy for a while now and we just started having sex awhile ago but he’s too slim down there!

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Is Squirting Dirty?

Q: My boyfriend talks about how he wants to make me squirt. I’d be into it but it just seems dirty to me. Is it dirty?

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How To Ride A Man To Stimulate Your G-Spot

Q: Is it possible to hit my g-spot when you ride your man? Archer: Absolutely, yes! Here’s how…

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How To Make Love Standing Up

How To Make Love Standing Up

Q: My boyfriend and I like to do new things. But we’ve hit 1 snag. How do we hit my g-spot when we make love standing up? — Elena A: It’s possible to hit the g-spot while you’re making love standing up. But it depends on the position. Let me explain. In any position hitting the g-spot is all about what I call, “the angle […]

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Help! I Can’t Climax With My Partner

Q: I can cum easily when I masturbate but I can’t seem to cum with my partner. Can you help me? Jay Archer: I’ve invited Masturbation Coach Wendy R Fuller to answer this question. Wendy’s Answer: Great question! Here’s my initial suggestion… When you are being intimate and enjoying sex with your partner take a quick inventory of yourself. Notice if there is somewhere in […]

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The Best 4 Ways To Get Him Going For Round 2

One Time Wasn’t Enough To Satisfy? Sometimes once just isn’t enough for women to enjoy the full pleasure that sex has to offer ie. achieve a female orgasm. I asked men… What’s the best way to get a man going for round 2? The results were quite close for this one so you will have a number of options. #1 Cuddling? In first place with […]

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Top 3 Excuses For Rejecting Sex

What are the top, most common excuses for turning down sex? To find out I sent a survey to thousands of women and men asking that exact question. The answers… Top Female Sex Excuses… Too tired 27% On period 26% Not in the mood 17% Top Male Sex Excuses… Too Tired  – 44% Not in the Mood 21% No Time 7% Answers that made up […]

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The Taste Grosses Me Out

Q: My boyfriend and I do pretty much anything in bed… no limits or boundaries… well bar one. The one thing that turns him on in bed is something I just can’t do – no matter how much I try and prepare… He loves to watch me lick my own cum off his cock mid-way through sex. I’m happy to do anything (and I mean […]

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Sex Secrets of an American Geisha

Sex Secrets of an American Geisha – 12 Highlights by Kim Conant Great title and creative angle … but, what I liked most about Geisha is that it was surprising bang on the money!  She echoes most of my own beliefs about healthy sex and relationships. As a man, I can’t argue with too much of what she’s teaching. All I can say is…her man, […]

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My Man Loves It When I…

Ladies, start your keyboards! Share a tip on how to satisfy your man Why? Based on some of the comments I’ve read there are some pretty knowledgeable lovers among us. Sharing tips is fun, isn’t it? How to Satisfy Your Man? How? Finish this sentence… “My man loves it when I…” Now, let ‘er rip! Remember to come back and feel free to comment on […]

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How To Squirt Course

Loading… You May Also Be Interested In:Woops…Suggest a topic in comments below

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A Unique Way To Please Your Man

Editor Archer: Lucy, a lovely reader emailed me … “I went through your site & had a desperate urge to write articles for your website….writing is my passion. Hope you allow me the privilege, if possible.” Thanks, Love & Regards, Lucy My Reply… “If it’s your passion I can’t really stand in your way and would be very happy for you to contribute. What are […]

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Female Ejaculation – Fact or Fiction?

To squirt or not to squirt – for some – that is the question. I’m sure I am bound to get a lot of comments on this post so if I am wrong let me know and if I am right let me know too. Female ejaculation is commonly referred to as squirting and women who squirt quite literally exploded onto our screens thanks to […]

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How To Ride Your Man – 3 Great Positions

If you want to know how to ride your man and gets some great benefits too then this post will explain the top 3 positions you can use and the benefits that both of you will enjoy. Riding your man is first and foremost fun but did you know that it is a great way to get some exercise too especially for the thighs, butt […]

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So You Want To Start Pegging Your Husband

WARNING: Kinky content. This post is ONLY for the kinky at heart and sexually adventurous. You’ve been warned so NO complaining. (I’m just responding to reader demand) In the past while I have received a number of questions from people wanting to know about pegging so I decided it was time to do a post on this topic.  If you are looking for information or […]

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