Strip Tease Lessons Tips for Everyday Women

Every woman is guilty of looking at another woman with a jealous eye.  With a catty remark about the realness of her assets to speculation about her means of support for her lifestyle, women the world over have a love-hate relationship with strippers because of their ability to gain attention from men. 

If you have ever wanted to learn the sexy moves that turn a man on, then a stripper might be your best friend in teaching you the art of strip tease with sexy strip tease lessons to make a man stand up (literally) and take notice of you. 

Here are some hints to make the most of your strip tease lessons:

Start off Slow:  The art of strip tease often requires controlled movements of muscles in combination with the music that might not feel natural in the beginning.  Start slow and allow your body to get accustomed to the feel of moving in unison to create a sensual effect.

Lighten Up:  Most women are hard wired to feel self-conscious about their body.  The quicker you learn to give your body (and you!) a break and lighten up to the moves of strip tease, the faster you will get a feel for it. 

Fake It Until You Make It:   Accept from the beginning of your strip tease class that your body, moves, and state of mind are not the same as the instructors or anyone else in your strip tease class.  Some people have a natural rhythm and will learn the strip tease moves very quickly while other struggle to simply hold on to the pole.  Don’t look around and compare yourself to others.  Appreciate yourself for making the attempt to learn strip tease.

Practice on the Sly:  The best way to build self-confidence about your strip tease moves is to practice in private.  Put on some sexy music and practice your strip tease moves in the mirror.  When you are able to see how your body moves, you will find ways to correct your strip tease and be surprised at how sexy you look when moving to the beat.  This will also give you confidence when you try it in front of a man.

Own It:  Although you might be a far cry from the level of a professional stripper with a few strip tease lessons, give yourself credit and do the moves that feel right for you.  Adjust the moves that you learned in your strip tease class to enhance and communicate the way you are feeling to your partner.

Although the movement and goal to learn strip tease moves might seem a little intimate at first, enjoy the music and give yourself over to sensuality of strip tease adds spicy pleasure to your relationships.  For most men, seeing a woman confident enough to try a strip tease is a huge turn on.  Don’t worry about whether you are doing the moves right or not.  In the end, the tease of watching you undress just for his pleasure will have your man home early every night.

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3 responses to “Strip Tease Lessons Tips for Everyday Women”

  1. As says:

    i was wondering wat songs wud be most suitable for lap dance?

    +++++ANSWER: I have a list of songs that are perfect for stripping too and lap dancing inside “Lap Dance Unleashed”

    Key to remember, if song is fast – you don’t want to try to keep pace – when you give a lap dance – it needs to be nice and slow and sexy.

  2. Maria says:

    I would like to build self’confidence and konw how to dance. I don´t know how to dance. Help me with some instructional movies please

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