Seduction 101

Tutorials on How To Seduce Your Man

How to seduce your manCatching a good man (or him catching you) is one thing but keeping things fresh and your man’s attention riveted on you and only you is quite another. Or maybe you’re just striving to show your man that you are powerful minx who is all the woman he’ll ever need.

Whether you want to spice things up, try something different or are learning how to be seductive, we’ve put together a tutorial of some of the most popular articles on seduction found on MYM.

  1. A Powerful Seduction Tip Every Woman Should Know
  2. 4 Steps to Seduce Your Husband or Boyfriend
  3. 6 Ways To Tease Your Man
  4. Why To Striptease For Your Mam Demystified
  5. Does wearing red boost your sex appeal?
  6. Super Sexy Secrets for Hot Exotic Dances
  7. The Most Irresistibly Seductive Pose

Every man loves a woman who initiations, who’s confident in her sexuality, playful and willing to try new things. IF you see anything missing from the list OR have written a great article on how to seduce your man the team at Master Your Man would love to hear about it.