A Powerfully Seductive Pose

Want to seduce your man? Using a bit of animal instinct could be the trick to trigger your man’s lust.

Study any model posing in her bathing suit on the cover of a magazine or watch any professional exotic dancer – they all have one thing in common — an arched back.


Arching your back is a primal mating signal to men. It triggers an old, primal area in a man’s brain that your are open, willing and ready for mating – sex, the item at the top of the agenda for most men.

The arched back is a completely subconscious trigger to a man – he will be unable to control a feeling of arousal. Powerful info, isn’t it?

How? Notice how our model has her shoulders back, chest out slightly and back arched by tilting her hips down.

The ‘arched back’ is communicating a powerful signal to the men around her. Even if she is not ‘his type’ men will find our model arousing because of her sexual communication.

Does this mean you should walk around with your butt stuck up in the air? Probably not. You can achieve the ‘acceptance’ pose in many different ways: wearing high heels, bending over and tilting your hips down, during a seductive striptease, seated in a chair, squat with high heels, shoulders and butt against the wall etc…

Employing the pelvic tilt back arch is a powerful sexual stimulant for men – use it wisely – and on the right target.

Try it out on your man today!

I will be including more Seductive Body Language in my upcoming “Master Your Man” handbook – coming soon.

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5 responses to “A Powerfully Seductive Pose”

  1. saira says:

    your advise has really improved my sex life and my confidense. thank you

  2. saira says:

    your advise has really improved my sex life and my confidence. thank you

  3. extreme says:

    Hmm, Archer, you forgot an important point, the over-the-shoulder glance is just as powerful and coupled with ‘coy’ downcast eyes barely making eye contact is a major turn on, making a man think he can dominate you, or go for a direct look (like the model) to be more blatantly sexual…. just not advised as a flirt because although most men would be turned on, they’d also be scared to death, the key is surely to portray your body as willing and submissive, not over willing and wanting to eat him alive?! I guess it depends on the guy…..

  4. Arlene says:

    i love jays advice specially the arch back one. I just had to try it and i did all i had to do was arch my back and my husband loved it all i did was get on top and arch my back while doing it. when we were done my husband said ” where did you learn that? ” after 4 yrs i finally get some props

  5. su says:

    Thanks for the wonderful eye opening article. At least I know it is a seductive pose. I did not know. Since about two weeks ago, I found my back arching with my shoulders pushed backwards, my tops forward and my bottom backwards causing a natural arch. I feel confident and great. But I did not understand when guys stop, stare and smile at me.


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