Priceless Valentines Day Gift Ideas For Men

Priceless Valentines Day Gift Ideas For Men

What do you get  man that has everything? Men are simple creatures with very simple pleasures. Master Your Man presents 8 priceless erotic Valentines Day Gift Ideas for Your Boyfriend or Husband ideas that will make your man happy and won’t break the bank. Romantic Gift Ideas For Men Erotic Massage An erotic massage is like a regular massage but naughtier because you both get […]

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How To Train Your Man In The Bedroom

It’s the same in business, boardgames, dancing and sex – “It takes 2 to tango.” And I’m talking about your man. Although I write intimacy advice for women about their men on MYM I don’t think for a second that men are perfect or absolved from taking responsibility for the quality of their love life. In fact, judging be some comments on this website, stories […]

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She Wants To Learn How To Let Go In Bed

She Wants To Learn How To Let Go In Bed

I am not that sexually experienced….I’m not confident…but…I know I’m a big freak deep down and i want it to come out, but how??

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Name That Radio Show

In 2011 Master Your Man will launch an online radio show that you can listen to on your computer or MP3 player. You’ll be able to submit your questions and listen to relationship advice from a man’s man. Loading… You May Also Be Interested In:Woops…Suggest a topic in comments below

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Super Sexy Secrets for Hot Exotic Dances

If you have always wanted to be one of those women who can make a man burn with lust with the perfect exotic dance, then welcome to your one stop shop for information that gets down and dirty with the bump and grind! Ready to play?  Keep reading! If you are ready to bring out your inner sex goddess with some spicy dance steps to […]

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Does wearing red boost your sex appeal?

Does wearing red give you a sexual advantage? Maybe, according to a new study which found that men find women sexier if they’re sporting a crimson hue rather than, say, blue or green or possibly even black! Red is the universal color of romance, passion and sex. I see tons of women decked out in sexy outfits – but most of the time they are […]

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Help! He Is Too Small

Help! He Is Too Small

Q: I’ve been dating this new guy for a while now and we just started having sex awhile ago but he’s too slim down there!

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Is Squirting Dirty?

Q: My boyfriend talks about how he wants to make me squirt. I’d be into it but it just seems dirty to me. Is it dirty?

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How To Ride A Man To Stimulate Your G-Spot

Q: Is it possible to hit my g-spot when you ride your man? Archer: Absolutely, yes! Here’s how…

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How To Make Love Standing Up

How To Make Love Standing Up

Q: My boyfriend and I like to do new things. But we’ve hit 1 snag. How do we hit my g-spot when we make love standing up? — Elena A: It’s possible to hit the g-spot while you’re making love standing up. But it depends on the position. Let me explain. In any position hitting the g-spot is all about what I call, “the angle […]

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Help! I Can’t Climax With My Partner

Q: I can cum easily when I masturbate but I can’t seem to cum with my partner. Can you help me? Jay Archer: I’ve invited Masturbation Coach Wendy R Fuller to answer this question. Wendy’s Answer: Great question! Here’s my initial suggestion… When you are being intimate and enjoying sex with your partner take a quick inventory of yourself. Notice if there is somewhere in […]

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More Attracive To Men

How To Become More Attractive? The secret to being attractive to men comes down to simple math. You could call it the Mathematics of Attraction. You’re probably heard the cliche measurements ‘a perfect 34-24-36’ tossed around, haven’t you? Have you ever stopped to consider what is it about these measurements that men find attractive? Have men? Probably not. Research Study: Men from different cultures from […]

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Why Do Men Marry?

Why Do Men Marry?

This is a brief story of the marriage advice I received from a wise man…

When I was in my early 20’s I had a girlfriend who was 10 years my senior. ( A man in his physical prime and a woman in her sexual prime. It was hot, to say the least )

One day she abruptly called it off and I took it pretty hard.

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3 Exercises To Look Great Naked with Sabrina

3 Tips to Get Your Leanest, Sexiest Body in The Shortest Time (Part 1 of 5) “How do I feel more attractive?” OR “…more confident” OR “…more comfortable when I’m naked?” …are common questions I receive. I’ve invited my personal friend and fitness ‘sexpert’ Sabrina to offer you sexy fitness advice designed specifically around the goal of looking great naked. Sabrina’s a gym owner, the […]

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What Would You Rather Be Labelled?

Humans Label – Which Label Do You Want? Humans naturally judge, compartmentalize and label. I would guess there are practical reasons and probably some selfish ones too. Regardless, we all label. Men are very creative when assigning labels BUT not very respectful, are they? Everybody labels… 1. What label would you PREFER people to use when they think about or describe you? 2. And why? […]

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Man Code for Not Interested

Q: I appreciate the courage it takes for men to make advances and i do enjoy the ego boost but is there some ‘man code’ I can use on a guy that will clearly get the message across… “Thanks for the compliment, but no thanks. I’m not interested” So men understand that ‘No’ really does mean No…NOT  try harder, stupid? mAnswer: The hardest thing for […]

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The Best 4 Ways To Get Him Going For Round 2

One Time Wasn’t Enough To Satisfy? Sometimes once just isn’t enough for women to enjoy the full pleasure that sex has to offer ie. achieve a female orgasm. I asked men… What’s the best way to get a man going for round 2? The results were quite close for this one so you will have a number of options. #1 Cuddling? In first place with […]

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Has he lost his mind?

A friend of mine has broken up with his girlfriend 12x in 6 months. No, I’m not exaggerating! 1. What advice do you have for him? 2. Any thoughts on their relationship future? Share your advice and personal experience You May Also Be Interested In:How Do You Get Him To CHASE You?Q: How Can I Make Him Want A Serious Relationship?My Man Doesn’t Want To […]

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He’s Happy. She’s Happy

I’ve been writing this until I’m blue in the …ah … fingers! It doesn’t take much to satisfy your man . When you do you’ve got him hooked and he’ll take care of your needs, too. Your man’s happy, you’re happy and that makes me happy. Thanks, Amy. Satisfy your man and get satisfaction. You May Also Be Interested In:Man Code for Not InterestedAdvice On […]

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Attract a man with your eyes

Attract a man with your eyes

Want to attract a man with one little look? Although it men may approach the woman is often the initiator This is one tip on how to attract a man with your eyes. Hold his gaze for 3 full seconds then drop your eyes and crack a very small smile. You can look up for 1 brief second to see if he’s still looking then […]

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Top 3 Excuses For Rejecting Sex

What are the top, most common excuses for turning down sex? To find out I sent a survey to thousands of women and men asking that exact question. The answers… Top Female Sex Excuses… Too tired 27% On period 26% Not in the mood 17% Top Male Sex Excuses… Too Tired  – 44% Not in the Mood 21% No Time 7% Answers that made up […]

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The Taste Grosses Me Out

Q: My boyfriend and I do pretty much anything in bed… no limits or boundaries… well bar one. The one thing that turns him on in bed is something I just can’t do – no matter how much I try and prepare… He loves to watch me lick my own cum off his cock mid-way through sex. I’m happy to do anything (and I mean […]

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Sex Excuses Exposed

What are the most popular excuses for turning down sex? I have no idea BUT I’ll try and find out statistically…with a little help from you. Using comments from MYM reads and a survey to 1000’s of subscribers I will uncover the most popular excuses for turning down sex. Why? I want to see if there’s a common theme that can be easily solved…so we […]

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Sex Doll For Dogs?

A Sex Toy For Dogs? Dog owners will do anything for their pet, won’t they? But is this for real? They’ll take Rover for a walk at all hours, kit them out in all sorts of bling, even palm a hand full of steaming ‘lawn chocolate’ But a sex doll? Is this doggy sex toy a real product? Find out here . Source :World’s Most […]

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Advice On Dating a Married Man?

Advice on dating a married man

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