He Has Lost Interest In Me

Q: What do I do if he seems to have lost interest in me?


If it’s a fairly long term relationship (past the honeymoon phase) figure out what you used to do when you first met, when there was a spark, because what you were doing then worked.

Remember when you found your new man so interesting?It’s because you were learning so many cool and interesting things about him and vice versa. But because you may have fallen into the dreaded comfort zone, perhaps you may want to spark the spark back in yourself first.

Often women fall into that comfort zone and start complaining, bitching, being a prude, frigid and/or letting themselves go. Be the cool chick. No one, that includes men, can read your mind.

Everything that I just mentioned is so unattractive. So why not do the opposite? Compliment more, see the brighter side of things, laugh, initiate intimacy more and make sure to keep yourself looking sexy.

The point is whatever you are doing now is not working. If you want love, give love; genuinely. And be independent. If you do all that you can do to bring back the spark and you’re just not feeling it from him then leave knowing that you gave your 100%. You can’t make someone be interested in you; it has to be a two way street.

Once men make up their mind they are done and in this case you may have to get more interesting yourself and spark the interest in someone else.

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