Naughty Sex Game Idea

Challenge Your Man to a Sexual Contest

This sex game will appeal to your man’s competitive nature and get him to explore his sexual skill set. Oh, and it’s a ton of fun, too!

Let’s call this the  ‘Orgasm Grand Prix’

Take turns timing each other.  Watch the clock and see how fast you can get your man off.

Then switch and let him try the same on you – doing whatever it takes, pulling out all the stops, his entire bag of tricks to get you to climax in record setting time.

Before the contest begins establish a fun, possibly erotic prize for the winner as extra incentive.

Be fair. Don’t hold back your orgasm or lie about having one just to win the contest. This sex game is designed to change things up, appeal to your man’s competitiveness, get both of you focused on honing your sexual skills … BUT it can also be a tremendous learning experience.

You’ll discover what works, what doesn’t at a very rapid rate.

Give each other honest feedback on what spots and techniques give you the instant WOW sensations and pleasure and which do not.

Ready drivers?…Start Your Engines!

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4 responses to “Naughty Sex Game Idea”

  1. Passion says:

    Great game! Even the thought of it will rev you both up!

  2. Lusty says:

    I gave my man a special day of his own to keep him especially interested.
    On a certain day, every month its “his” day to get whatever he wants, whenever he wants; no boundaries.
    Give the day a special name, and let him know you’ll serve his every desire.
    Its an easy way to keep him excited and thinking up new things to try, while having to wait for it as an added effect.

    …It never fails;)

    • me45 says:

      Similar to Lusty i let my boyfriend once a month do what he wants to do and stick it where he wants to. but believe me its well worth it the anticipation that he has built up throughout the month drives me and him crazy

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