Motivate Him To Marry

Love is supposed to be so simple and easy, you meet a really handsome man, the lightening bolt hits and you fall head over heels in love with each other. Wedding bells ring and you both live happily ever after.

If love is so easy, then why are men taking longer and longer before proposing marriage to a woman they love? Why do most men seem so terrified of getting married they refuse to even speak about it with any woman and get angry if anybody tries to bring it up.

How do you get a guy to marry you, who has no immediate interest in getting married and refuses to talk about any future plans to get married? How to a man to propose

1) The most popular method for most women is to nag and pressure their boyfriends in hopes that he will eventually change his mind. This is the worst thing you could ever do.  Pressuring your boyfriend to marry you with a consistent injection of nagging will cause your boyfriend to halt any plans for a proposal.

He will subconsciously put any growth of the relationship on hold.  If you continue to press this strategy, he will eventually just withdraw from you all together.  He may be there in the relationship physically, but mentally and emotionally he will have already left the relationship.

2)  The only way you can get your boyfriend to want to propose to you is by inspiring and motivating him.   Once you are able to inspire his emotional core, there is nothing that will stand in his way of walking down that aisle with you.

So how do you inspire a man? Well one is by showing him through your actions (not your words) that you are a kind, caring, considerate and nurturing woman.  When a man sees by your actions that you are genuinely concerned about his health, career and future, his ears will perk up and he will start seeing you differently.  He will realize that you are different from other women and potentially marriage material.

Making him that cup of soup and baby him, when he is sick.  When he is stressed, upset or overworked, try giving him a back massage to help him calm down or cooking him a special meal. Its all about providing that encouragement, support  and showing him that you appreciate him.

3) Another way to inspire a man is to learn the keys on how to communicate with him in a way that he can understand.  Instead of asking him why he won’t marry you.  Try asking him if he is happy in his life.  Let him know you are not talking about you and your relationship together, you just want to know how he is.  Is he happy with his job, where he lives, friends and family, where he is in life and where he is going.

Allow him an opportunity to talk and just listen without judging him.  If he is not happy or is having problems, let him know that you are here to help him.  Talk about a way that you could help him to make dealing with these issues easier.

Once he sees through your actions that you genuinely want to help him and that life is easier with you in his life, he will begin thinking more about his future and the idea of you in it.

Of course this is just the tip of the iceberg…learn the 6 different ways to communicate with a man about your relationship and the 15 ways to inspire a man to propose marriage to you.

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Guest Article by Paul Wright

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How to get your man to propose

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2 responses to “Motivate Him To Marry”

  1. christina says:

    While I believe that these tactics will work in the short term, I don’t think that they will in the long term. While showing interest in and caring for your man are two very important things. He should never get it in his head that you are there for the sole purpose of “helping” him. There is a strong potential for him to see you as his personal savior… I know this from experience. This can be disastrous. In my opinion, if a man is the right one for you, then you shouldn’t sweat the marriage thing and he will ask you in his own time. More often than not, we screw ourselves out of being proposed to with our impatience. But you should never be someone you’re not. If you don’t care enough to figure out that you should make your significant other a bowl of soup when they’re sick or that you should comfort them when they’re down, then YOU probably don’t truly care for them. Just be who you are naturally. You’ll eventually find the right person.

  2. Kris says:

    I’m sure that I am not the only female in my current position, but I thought that I would bring this up…
    Well, I don’t want to get married. The magnitude of mutual responsibility of such a union is easily forgotten by the wedding industry. It is treated as ‘the bride’s big day’ or as some sort of pageant. I think that it is interesting how many couples are willing to spend more to have an interesting theme, but some people go over the top.
    Not to mention, if you are a more traditional person, and your partner is more modern (for lack of a better term), you are less likely going to be working together to make that day for both parties.
    I think the wedding industry has ignored the most important factor of any relationship because of how much pressure they tend to prod to squeeze another thousand out of a couple’s hands. That factor is compromise.
    I believe that compromise is the spirit of any loving relationship, and I’m afraid that any serious commitment I make in these modern times will mean nothing more than one day of bliss, than a life of debt.
    I’m also afraid due to the influence that TLC’s marriage-themed shows has had on my family. They all expect me to have the perfect dress, decorations, food, etc. For what? I’m not a very social person, I don’t have many friends -but the few I do have a very valued. It is not my goal to impress anyone at such a personal event -it is their honor to be a part of something so private.
    I’m sorry, but these are my concerns, and I’m certain that a few guys have considered them as well.
    I want my union to be important, to be understood that my commitment is not fleeting for the sake of one day where everything ‘should’ be fancy. I’m not saying that I want complete control over what happens in that day, I just want everyone to realize that I think that one day of wasting thousands of dollars is nothing compared to the financial trouble thereafter.
    Overall, the expected pageantry of weddings is what deters me. If my commitment isn’t taken seriously enough to understand why I don’t want a wedding like that, then I do not think that spending my life with that person is worth it. I do not believe in second marriages, I believe in sticking to my guns -wedding ring, or not.
    At least if my relationship fails outside of marriage, there is no contractual agreement binding me to stay.

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