What’s Most Fulfilling To A Man?

Ever wonder what truly fulfills a man in the bedroom? Is your man’s fulfillment the same as yours? Will understanding what gives a man the most sexual fulfillment help take your own pleasure to new heights? Let’s find out…


When men and woman talk about sex with their friends they describe it from much different perspectives.

Men describe how she responded to him and how he “rocked her world” (boys talk about what they got). A woman describes how she felt and what he did for her through the buildup. Unlike men, the end result is much less important than the journey for a woman.

What Makes Sex Most Fulfilling For A Woman?

Fulfillment is different for men and women because men and woman are….different!

In the bedroom, any loving woman wants her man to be fulfilled but it’s NOT critical to achieving her fulfillment.

That’s not to say that women are selfish or don’t desire to fulfill a man. It just means that it’s not required for her to deem the experience memorable and fulfilling.

NOTE: Don’t confuse the orgasm, satisfaction or pleasure with fulfillment. Ask yourself, would you rather be pleased or fulfilled?

He Gets Off On Your Fulfillment

The goal of most men (not boys) is to “rock your world,” not to just get a release.

Yes, he can achieve orgasm without a woman being fulfilled but for him to be fulfilled in his heart, mind and soul he needs to feel that you are truly fulfilled…that he has “rocked your world” and that he played a major part in your fulfillment.

Her Pleasure Is His Fulfillment

When a man is “successful” in fulfilling a woman sexually he feels like he has fulfilled his role as a man. He feels like a successful man. Thus, he feels fulfilled.


Only emotionally immature boys or men who are not emotionally connected to a woman focus on getting it on, getting off and getting out.

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For Sex To Be Earth Shattering For Men AND Women

For sex to be deemed memorable, earth shattering for both men and women the woman has to be fulfilled. The woman! (Great news, ladies! It’s all about you)

So you see, men and woman are working toward the same thing…a woman’s fulfillment!

The Understanding

Now that you know he’s pursuing a loftier goal than just an orgasm for himself, more than just “getting off” he’s striving to be more emotionally connected to you…expressed through the physical.

Is he always successful? No. Does it disappoint him? Yes.

Is he sometimes too quick for a woman to climax one or more times? Yes.

Do men wish it didn’t take so long for women to climax? Yes.

Do you better understand what men want?

How can you help him achieve fulfillment, serve yourself and take your love life to the next level?

Your Fulfillment Is His Fulfillment

…why not let yourself be fulfilled?

Inhibited in bed? Challenge yourself to let go.

If you’re not orgasmic, work on becoming orgasmic.

If you’re already orgasmic, focus on taking your orgasms to new heights.

Do you ejaculate (squirt) when you climax? Woman who have learned to squirt describe it as a “much more intense orgasm” and men love it. (Read Learn how to squirt )

Don’t feel like you’re being selfish. Have you ever heard a guy say “I felt so used. She had her way with me and then left.”  Probably not, right?

Your sexual fulfillment makes him feel like a man…and that makes one happy man…and will take your love life to new heights.

[ Editor Jay Archer :: Of course, I’m just a man and admit I get things wrong sometimes.
Care to add or poke holes in my point of view? Please do in the comments below ]

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7 responses to “What’s Most Fulfilling To A Man?”

  1. Morgan says:

    Being married is so difficult. It’s usually a man saying I wish she gave it up more. Not in my case. My husband withheld.

    I tried everything….from your advice to other advice (not a woman’s either….what do women know about men? NOTHING) but even after all the advice….nothing worked. From the first time, I thought what any woman thought, it must be me. I was really glad to read this.

    It’s nice to hear the truth, that no matter how much I wanted to connect with him physically, he wasn’t mature enough (probably sexually, he was a virgin before me) to connect with me. So sad. I’ll never be able to get over my experience with him completely, if not what happened between us. But again, it was nice to hear, maybe it wasn’t me. Maybe he wasn’t ready, or couldn’t handle a physical connection….or just didn’t want it with me anymore. Whatever the case for him, it takes pressure and weight from me. Maybe it wasn’t all me. He can’t expect me to be happy go lucky when not only was I not fullfilled, but not even satisfied, or even thought about.

    Maybe my logic is twisted, but anyone with that much sexual tension, isn’t going to be happy in a marriage.

  2. Em says:

    I liked this article 😀 as always….the problem is most men are like this: quote: “Only emotionally immature boys or men who are not emotionally connected to a woman focus on getting it on, getting off and getting out”

    ….it is important for us to focus on their pleasure or we will be considered bad lovers etc 🙁

  3. Tina says:

    I have to disagree with Em – I don’t think MOST guys are quote: “Only emotionally immature boys or men who are not emotionally connected to a woman focus on getting it on, getting off and getting out” there are a few of course.

    From my experience as I’ve learned more about my own sexually the less often I run into that kind of a situation sexually. Men love to know what to do to get a woman going.

    I’ve found if ya just point ’em in the right direction they love to follow your lead. Of course we know as usual most guys don’t stop and ask for directions so it’s up to us ladies to guide them gently to the path we find most stimulating.

  4. swetha says:

    fentastic technique

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