Three Ways to Learn to Lap Dance

learn to lap danceIf you are ready to learn to lap dance to set your man on fire and give yourself that “Master your Man” glow, then you have come to the right place because we know all of the juicy details about the learning the booty roll!

Men are never too old to appreciate a woman who has a strong sense of sexuality and guts to shake her booty.  But, making a commitment to learn to lap dance can skyrocket you into dance floor diva and start his mind bubbling with ways you can add extra sizzle to sex.

Yes, most men do not hide the fact that a woman who can control the junk in her truck is more sexually exciting.  Even more than that, you will gain an added dose of confidence when his eyes stroke the curves of your bottom like tight jeans with anticipation of teasing him with some solo bump and grind.  With some confidence and by finding your type of woman, you can pick the most comfortable way to learn to lap dance from these sensual options:

  • Slow and Steady: Many women find that reading about the night moves of how to learn to lap dance is the best way to bring extra sexy to their game.  Though there are a few books on the market about how to lap dance, the best ones follow the simple idea that a picture is worth a thousand words.  At first, it might be difficult to read and then translate the moves into your own actions, but with some work you will learn to lap dance.
  • Play It Again: If you are somewhat shy about getting your groove on in front of another person, then learning to lap dance will add excitement to your sex life as well as give you the confidence of control.   With some great audios and videos on the market, the combination of both is the best methods because you learn to lap dance with a visual aid and the reinforcement of a verbal instruction.Plus, you have the extra benefit of giving yourself all of the time you need to go from dysfunctional to diva that rocks his world because you can review the materials unlimited times without extra cost.  This is the method used in the hottest new lap dance instruction to hit both coasts in 2o years, The Lap Dance Unleashed.   This series gives tips on everything from how to groom your body to how to add sex to your stroll in an easy to understand combination of pictures, audio, and video with an acclaimed lap dance expert…all from the comfort of your own home.
  • Bring on the Bump and Grind: Some women find themselves inept in the ways of lap dance without the hands on guidance of a professional instructor.  Don’t be shy.  Get some girlfriends together for a strip-a-thon or fly solo on your sensual soaring of self discovery!  Either way, get a teacher and get started.

The key to successfully learning to lap dance is to practice, practice, practice…and remember, this is one place where you man will appreciate your on the job training.  No matter which way you learn to lap dance, you can get tons of free newsletter full of tips and tricks at to get the inside scoop on moves and maneuvers to send your guy into a frenzy of passion and keep his eyes on you at all times.

After all, that is why you want to learn to lap dance right…to Master Your Man!

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