A Hot Idea To Keep Your Man Interested

Ever wonder what to do to get your man interested on a hot, steamy, 99-degree day?

Your man wants to go to Home Depot and you want to talk! You bat around a few other ideas while he flops on the couch, preparing to watch Wedding Crashers for the zillionith time. Suddenly you’ve got it!

You peel down to your pink lace bra and panties, straddle him, lean in close and say, “Wanna make a movie with me?” If that doesn’t get his attention, girl, you better get a new man!

Well, let’s suppose, for the purposes of this article, that your man loves your idea and his eyes are off the screen and planted right on you! And get this–the video is already rolling on your smart phone! Give it to him to point at you while you crank up one of the sexiest songs ever recorded–Joe Cocker’s “You Can Leave Your Hat On.”

For you young chicks who never saw it, that song was featured during Kim Basinger’s striptease for Mickey Rourke in the movie 9 1/2 Weeks. Wow!

You’re not even completely naked yet and your man is leading you to the bedroom.

It’s amazing how much footage you can actually get while making love. You can capture your passionate kisses, get close-ups of his tongue flicking your nipples, and zoom in as you taste his hard cock for the first time. You and your man take turns being the videographer/voyeur.

Then you can set it down and move just far enough away for a long shot of both of you in every possible position!

It doesn’t have to be perfect; it’s just such a turn on, knowing that what has always been private is now being captured on film! When you both are completely satisfied and have those few moments of sweet, after-sex time, just download your “movie” onto a compatible program on your computer (such as iMovie, if you have an Mac.)

Then, on the next smokin’ hot day, or rainy day, whatever the case may be, get naked, get comfortable, boot up your stuff and simply follow directions for editing it and making it the best, customized, sexiest movie ever!

And I promise you, before you are finished, that Mac will be closed for business and you and your man will have moved on to making Part Deux!!!

Editor : This is a guest post by  Resa. She has more than 20 years experience as a reporter, writer and editor for radio, television, newspapers and magazines.  Her work has been published in both local and national publications and she has helped launch three magazines, the most recent at which she served as Editor in Chief for seven years.

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4 responses to “A Hot Idea To Keep Your Man Interested”

  1. Jay Archer says:

    If you’re nervous that he will share the video:

    1. Take the video on your camera/phone = You control it
    2. Watch it with your man and then delete it together

    Resa is bang on with her idea to keep a man interested in the bedroom…make your own video. The idea makes me hot just thinking about it.

    Thanks, Resa

  2. christina says:

    I think that someone watched Love and Other Drugs and got an idea…

  3. Kerry says:

    i like the idea a lot.
    can u help me with 1 little problem, i find it a challenge to ride my boyfriend, its because i don’t love. we have known each other 4 about 12 yrs, we started out as just friends for 3yrs then i decided to move the relationship to a more intimate level. i have so much fantasies about love-making but when i’m actually with him a become so nervous & lack the confidence to perform, i find that when he encourages me i perform better. what do i need to do to master my confidence and have control esp. when i’m on top?
    Its one of his favorites.

  4. peoria says:

    If you want your man interested, talk dirty to him. Tell that you want to do things to him that he fantasizes about. Tell him that you want to ingulf him and then do it. Keep is interest. While you are engulfing him, tell him that you are going to bend over the kitchen table next so he can pummel you. If you want to really make him happy, when he’s ready finish him off and yes the whole thing and then whether you like it or not tell him how much you love doing it to him. And yes, tell him about this before you do it. Tell him you want every last drop. Next time, create a fantasy story. He’s the boss and you’re a bad cleaner lady and he makes you bend over scrubbing the floor with only a t-shirt hanging half way down your rear. Let him finish from behind. Use a name like cinderella. Then call him at work and tell him cinderella was bad again. He will not be able to work. He will need to have you. He will be all about you if you treat him like this. Whenever he hears the word cinderella, he will have an erection.

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