VIDEO: How To Talk To Your Man About Sex

Some men don’t like to talk about sex and some men can’t take it.

I interview author and sex expert Kim Switnicki about how to talk to your man about sex without hurting his feelings and bruising his ego.

[Jay Archer :: Do you think Kim’s bang on or missing something?
Would your man respond to her advice? Comment below ]

Kim Switnicki Kim Switnicki, Sex Expert & Author of Great Sex for Hard Times . You’ll see, hear and read more of Kim Switnicki on Master Your Man so stick around.


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2 responses to “VIDEO: How To Talk To Your Man About Sex”

  1. christina says:

    jay, i can hear you… i just can’t hear kim.

    • Jay Archer says:

      Ah technology…

      I apologize about the audio on Kim’s side.

      The sound was fine before I put the video on YouTube – I will look into getting this fixed.

      For now just turn up the volume and you will have no problem

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