How To Ride Your Man – 3 Great Positions

How to ride your manIf you want to know how to ride your man and gets some great benefits too then this post will explain the top 3 positions you can use and the benefits that both of you will enjoy.

Riding your man is first and foremost fun but did you know that it is a great way to get some exercise too especially for the thighs, butt and stomach.  That should be enough to get you interested in riding your man.

The first position is chest to chest.

For this one the man is on the bottom and you are one the top.  The benefits that you will receive are that you get great clit stimulation using this position so if you find it difficult to achieve orgasm in the military position then riding your man in this position could really help.  This position will work your leg muscles and your buttocks too and you don’t need to balance yourself because you will be lying on top of him.  For him the benefits are that he can relax and just enjoy the fact that you are taking control.

The second position is called the cowgirl.

Yee Hah ridem cowgirl.  This is a great position and from a man’s point of view it looks great too and you really can give him a good show.  You will need to lean backwards and support yourself with your arms for this one and while you are doing that he can either enjoy the show or play with your breasts.  He can also rub your clit if you like.  You have full control with this position and it is also one of the best for hitting your g-spot too.  You can always add a cowgirl hat and some boots to this one for even more fun and if he’s into it you can use a riding whip too.

The third position for riding your man is the most difficult and it is called the frogger.

This is a crouching position and it can be a little tiring and hard on your legs.  It is a great exercise though so if you want to tone up your bottom half give this one a try.  This position is visually fantastic for men so if you are planning on giving him a sexual treat then you should try this one.  It allows for great penetration and most men will literally blow up if you practice this position.

Now that you know how to ride your man the next thing is of course the fun bit and that is practice.  Practice, practice, practice and believe me you will have no objections for your male partner on this one either.  Just think of all the fantastic benefits that you will achieve.

Sexual pleasure for both, amazing orgasms and a fab toned bottom half too.  You can always add your own little variations to these positions too once you get the hang of them.

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[Editor Jay Archer: Have any more great ideas on how to ride your man OR questions? Leave it (anonymously) below ]

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65 responses to “How To Ride Your Man – 3 Great Positions”

  1. jamie says:

    Frogger is certainly hard on the knees…but its worth it to see my mans expression as I slowly travel up, squeeze those kegels & back down slowly! Cowgirl is lots of fun too & my man knows its coming when I aggresively push him away & roll on top in one fell swoop…

  2. Cindy says:

    I really like the reverse cowgirl. Get on top with your back to your man. Have his knees up ( like he is in missionary) put you feet under his thighs lean forward and grab his ankles and ride like hell. He loves it and gets a GREAT view!

  3. Belle says:

    I’m sorry, but I can’t quite visualize “frogger”. Can you describe it in more detail, and address where it should take place (i.e. bed, floor…)?
    To be frank (but not too revealing), the woman on top position (in a bed) has always been a little difficult for yours truly because I think it involves a bit of confindence. I envy women who can do this without giving it a second thought. Did try it recently while wearing a bra. This seemed to help a little. Unfortunately (or fortunately), the bra didn’t stay on for long, but it did help to address the confidence issue.

  4. Em says:

    I loved this article but I wish you put pictures or drawings (at least stick people) when talking about positions, that would be awesome! 😀

  5. Jo says:

    I’m pretty sure ‘frogger’ is when your man is lying down and you’re on top crouching over him with him inside you. You obviously have to do all the work and it’s a leg killer but it is very enjoyable. I personally find it a lot easier on the floor or other hard-ish surface as it’s too hard to balance and move up and down on a soft mattress.

    Great article but pics are definitely needed!

  6. Joan says:

    what does frogger look like? like someone playing leap frog on a dick!

  7. gal says:

    BELLE-we have to feel confident in our own bodies in order for them to appretiate our body. its hard but he took the bra off cause that was excatly wat he wanted. keep working on the confidence more confidence he senses the more youl turn him on lol

    yea frogger doesnt seem clear to me sure iv done it tried it but ur description is un clear

  8. Eileen says:

    i can not visualize froggie either but would like to know more. thanks for your web site. it is great!

  9. Belle says:

    I have to do a little more research on this one. Still can’t figure out where the arms and the hands go. Would Google it, but I don’t want porn spam. Oh, wait, an 89 year old classy lady I sometimes chat with let me keep one of her books I found while getting something out of her drawer. I’ll search for it there. It’s dated in the seventies when sex toys were called “gadgets”. It has real pictures. Title: ” The Joy of Sex” .

    I must say, I’m a little embarrased, but thanks Gal. In the future, I think I’ll limit the urge to reveal too much personal information.

  10. lara says:

    arms and hands go wherever feels best..his chest to take a little stress off the poor knees and thighs helps..on your chest will please him..not important..and if you need to leave a little clothes on buy something sheer and lacy…and by the time you are naked men are not thinking about any extra jiggly bits..just the ones that they are dying to see and get their hands on..their one track mind is rather handy at that if they get to feast their eyes on your boobs or butt they wont be looking at anything else

  11. juls says:

    Confidence is so important for us girls to enjoy great sex! We are born into a world of seemingly perfect women, every magazine shows us that really beautiful women are a slim, trim size 0. That’s how it all starts for us and what we can’t seem to get through our heads is that none of us are perfect, not even those size 0’s! Those women also look in the mirror every morning, scrutinize their bodies and see their imperfections.
    What we don’t realize is that our men are intrigued with our bodies even if they are not quite perfect. Men being visual, love looking at women. The little secret we keep hidden between our legs is something they just can’t resist, a mystery they have got to solve. When we carry ourselves with confidence, they take notice.
    Have you ever had your man buy you some “barely there” sexy little thing?? Did you look at it and think, “I can’t wear that!”? Well, here’s the deal girls, if he bought it for you, he’s already seen you in it! He imagined you in it when he took it off the rack! A fantasy of sorts, he wants to touch your body in that “barely there” sexy little outfit! If that’s what he wants, why not give it to him? By simply buying it, he’s telling you that you look sexy – so believe him!! I am of the opinion that when a man loves you, he wears “rose-colored glasses”, and when he’s looking through them, he just doesn’t see what we see!
    Now, with that in mind… have sex with the lights on! I, like most of us, used to just lay back, close my eyes and just feel everything. If you are still doing that, you have no idea what you are missing! Sex is so much better when we use all our senses! Smell him! Taste him!! Keep your eyes open, make eye contact with your lover and see what he sees. Watch the amazement and pleasure on his face when you climb on and take control. Smile wickedly and enjoy him enjoying you! Think of it as a boost for his ego… he’s thinking, “Wow, she’s so hot! She really wants to have sex with me!” Believe me, the only thing going through his mind at that moment is how much he’s enjoying being with you! He loves to watch you enjoy yourself so touch your breasts and lean into him and brush them across his face. He doesn’t care that they aren’t perfect because when you are confident, he doesn’t notice that they aren’t. What he sees is that you are comfortable with your body and with sharing yourself with him. If you just can’t bring yourself to climbing on totally naked, try wearing something really sexy that covers you up, maybe a sheer linen shirt and only button one or two buttons. You will still feel covered up but when you move, he will get little peek-a-boo glimpses of your body. Bet within seconds his hands and mouth will be all under that little “cover up” and I promise it won’t take him long to find a way to slip it off of you! When he does, let him do it and instead of feeling self-conscious, tell yourself that if he’s taken it off, he must like what he sees! Just relax and enjoy it, if the man’s in your bed, he wants to be there!! Get comfortable in your own skin and you will experience the best sex ever!

    • Kerry says:

      i uv ur comment and i believe all that u said. my problem is that i most times believe that im not as good as i should be and bcuz of this im not as comfortable as i should be and i believe that also detracts from my sexual performance and fun. thanks for the sex advice and i’ll try it the next time

    • Anonymous says:

      so true…luv this.

  12. A says:

    Belle, just hop on and ride. Easier said than done, I know. I (and like 90% of women) totally hear you on the confidence/naked on top issue. I have found that if you just go balls to the wall (pun intended) and don’t even think about it at all then you will have as much a great time as he does. He is lucky to have you in bed… always remember that… Just do it! Don’t be shy or worry, focus on enjoying yourself and him and the rest will fall into place. 🙂 good luck lady!

    • Archer says:


      Yup. A great way to shift the focus away from being self concious is to just focus on the fun. Balls out as A says!

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  14. Suzi says:

    I have a man that encourages me to be me, to relax and let the passion flow..and you know…he’s right. He continually tells me I’m beautiful, hot and fun! What that does is allow me to feel the beauty he sees, that makes me hot, relaxed and I can do any of these ridem positions anytime, anywhere…it is awesome to have a man let me be me!! Orgasams abound!! Kudos to Dave 🙂

  15. kristin says:

    wow you guys (and the article) were veerryyy helpful. im so glad im not the only girl out their who… isnt that great at this. lol ive always wanted to ride my fiance and know hes getting exactly what hes wanting and is completely satisfied. hes always trying new things with me and going all the way when we have sex but lets just face it i know how to please him but im not as creative. im so afraid hes not gunna like what i do.. or worse i’ll hurt him. i know i dont do good cuz he always just ends up back on top in control after a minute of me attempting to try anything, thats how i know it sucks. but you guys give me courage. imma try this stuff and mabie it will help.. mabie it wont. all i know is i wont know till i try! lol

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  17. sasha says:

    Has anyone had success with these positions if your man is not long or very endowed. It has been very tricky having different sex positions because he slips out often since he is a little small in that department. Trying to not get frustrated since we do manage to turn each other on in different ways…but would like him to feel bigger at times…

  18. lucy says:

    if i stick my finger up my partners bottom how long will it take for him to climax?

  19. lucy says:

    i love fat cock

  20. Karlie says:

    I’m a big girl and it is kinda hard for me to get on top of my man and ride simply because I dnt know what to do. I dnt know which way I should move my body. Should I go up and down in a circular motion or in a back and forth motion. The Frogger I’ve done before and didn’t know I was doin it until I was actually doing it. But which way would I move my body when riding my man?

    • Archer says:

      Karlie, I would leave out the circular motion and stick with the back and forth and up and down. Try one of those two and see what feels best for you and him, ok?

  21. jimbo says:

    Lucy..I guarantee if You take the initiative and slip a lubed finger up your mans bottom he will have such a mind blowing orgasm in less than 3 minutes!! He will love you to death that you opened his mind to such an experience. I had this done to me with a girlfriend that wasn’t afraid to try new things and it was an incredible experience.

  22. bra_cyyue says:

    Sorry, but what is great about the view with reverse cowgirl? Much rather he see my face and breasts heaving than my back right?

  23. Clara says:

    I want to ride my husband or be in some kind of control where he can relax and enjoy me, But he isnt very big, his thighs are wide and I have pins in my hips so I cant open my legs too far can anyone help me please!!!!

    • brittany says:

      you can try siting on top with your knees together use your lugs to move up and down just lean back on his thighs

  24. Mariah says:

    Let’s see if this works!

  25. Anonymous says:

    Wow , this is great . I’m more of the self concious type myself . When ever i have sex i don’t like going ontop because i don’t really want the guy to see my body or i don’t know which way to move my body or how fast . How do i know if he actually likes what i’m doing ?

  26. Julliet says:

    I’m 21, and my boyfriend and I are total sex adicts! This website helped me out a lot with my technique! My absolute favorite thing to do is when I’m horny, just push him down on our bed and start riding him. He loves the confidence ,I have for my body and he never has to worry about being sexually starved. Trust me ladies, just do it. Your man will never complain if you want to practice or expiriment on him, most likely he encourages it! So ride your man and have a blast. 😉

  27. charlottte says:

    hi im new at having sex and was wondering if you had any tips as i was told to try this position as its fun and your in control but i tried this and couldnt get it right soo please any tips would be great = ]

  28. Le says:

    I Have A Problem That While Im Riding I Get Tired.. -_-

  29. brittany says:

    well clara if you have pins in your hips you can try to sit on top with your knees together!!!!!!!! i am kinda new at sex and have only been on top a couple times and my boyfriend keeps telling me to practice and yet he never lets me i want to make him feel good with out him doing anything except geting hard… i am looking at this web sight because i dont know how to move my body when im on top and when you say side to side or up and down its not really helping my situation. i would like some help i would enjoy the comments

  30. Stacy says:

    I’m not confident of how I look. Especially down there! It makes me uncomforable just thinking about a guy lookin down there! Its fustrating sometimes.

  31. brittany says:

    so i have so many thoughts im still young(24) have two boys and still fit in a size 1 pants. in know i have a nice body but when it comes to sex im so lost! i dont feel sexy , i maybe get off once a year,and i feel stupid being on top! i heard its sexy to make noises but feel so fake when i try. i want to feel sexy and make my man happy.

  32. Anonymous says:

    ifuqin lov dys site;it rily help!

  33. terrinah mowa says:

    Hi do u have any books that are out?

  34. Love it says:

    I love whe my gf rides me. She get wild and take out all my cum.

  35. Love it says:

    Yes. My gf rides me every time. She just want to stay on top of me. But i cant not take her ride long. She do it so hard :-O

  36. Leeann says:

    How can I do it without my legs hurting ?

  37. Leeann says:

    How can I ride my husband without my legs hurting?

  38. NAKY says:

    Very interesting

  39. char says:

    this is great information

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