How To Ride A Man To Stimulate Your G-Spot

Q: Is it possible to hit my g-spot when you ride your man?

A: Absolutely, yes! And I’m glad you’re asking how to please yourself not just a man. The g-spot is not a myth and many women rate the g-spot orgasm more intense than clitoral.

Women who learn how ride a man chest-to-chest or at a slightly elevated 45-degree angle derive the majority of their pleasure from clitoral stimulation; the clitoris receiving direct stimulation by rubbing against his pubic bone (directly above his penis).

To stimulate your g-spot you need to understand how to ride your man so the ‘angle of penetration and stimulation’ (read how to make love standing up) is directed toward the front of your vagina and g-spot versus the posterior or back of your vagina. When you’re chest-to-chest his penis is penetrating and/or toward the back of your vagina in the opposite direction of your g-spot.

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To hit your g-spot learn how to ride your man facing him but leaning back past the 90-degree vertical angle. Support yourself by placing your hands on his thighs or on the bed behind you.

Use your thighs and hips to move your pelvis up and down when riding him. To find the sweet spot for your g-spot when you ride your man you may need to make very slight adjustments by moving your hips slightly closer to his belly button or further away towards his hips. Trust me, you won’t miss it when you hit it.

One drawback in this position is that you lose the direct stimulation your clitoris gets by rubbing on his pelvis. But, nobody says you can’t switch it up, right?

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21 responses to “How To Ride A Man To Stimulate Your G-Spot”

  1. Em says:

    Great article as always πŸ™‚

    I like the new website design although I kind of miss the old one at the same time….but it does look better this way and I LOVED the “editor links” in the middle of the article, nice idea! Keep up the good job

  2. Talieta says:

    OMG this is with out a doubt my favourite possition because by riding my man i am able to hit the g spot (there is no way this is a mear myth!!) and am able to stimulate the clitoris having multiple orgasms’. while this is going on i also am able to play with his testicles. making it a thoroughly enjoyable time for all. yummie the mear thought is making my knees weak.

    • Suzy says:

      I have a man that encourages me to be me, to relax and let the passion flow..and you know…he’s right. He continually tells me I’m beautiful, hot and fun! What that does is allow me to feel the beauty he sees, that makes me hot, relaxed and I can do any of these ridem positions anytime, anywhere…it is awesome to have a man let me be me!! Orgasams abound!! Kudos to Dave πŸ™‚

  3. Gloria says:

    So where are my knees and legs – am I supporting myself on my feet – kind of like a crabwalk? I just couldn’t get any kind of image while reading this article.

  4. Iku says:

    ‘To hit your g-spot learn how to ride your man facing him but leaning back past the 90-degree vertical angel.’

    Angel??? Heh, there’s an old saying that a man wants his woman to be an angel in public and a devil in bed… πŸ˜€

  5. Fafa says:

    I got a question about this.. I’ve tried this position many times, but everytime I lean back or even sit up straight (90 degrees).. I can feel my G-spot but it’s HIGHLY sensitive untill it even hurts after a few seconds of just being still.. So I can’t even begin to feel something “nice”, instead of just pain… What can this be?

    • Archer says:

      Does the pain go away or stay consistent?

      Typically, the initially stimulation of the g-spot can be a bit sensitive especially if you’re not used to it. Try raising your hips up a bit and reducing the amount of pressure or direct stimulation to your g-spot, OK?

  6. Emma says:

    Im having trouble imagining the position, where could i see a diagram or something so i can get the right idea?

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  8. Melissa says:

    I have been a follower of this site for a bit and have found the suggestions quite interesting. I am a male to female cross dresser and so many of the things that have been talked about here could apply if I were to use them on a male partner. In that respect it has been very informative and useful. In this case I am not quite sure that I would have the same results following these suggestion though I may be wrong on that point.

  9. Jamie says:

    YES!YES!YES!!!I absolutely love this position.I have so much power and control in this position.I’ve found that placing your knees down, as if you’re trying to sit with your feet under your butt and your shins flat on the floor.Then, I sit up straight and reposition myself, after insertion, a little more toward his bellt button.Then, I sit up straight and do a forward backward hip roll that pushes my butt forward and up followed by the opposite direction hip roll backwards which rubs the clitoris with this hip roll.Im simply amazed at the clitoral & gspot orgasms I obtain with these moves!Just call me puddles because thats what results from this position.Or, just for him I will turn completely around while he is still inserted.Tricky, yet my bf goes crazy with this move!

  10. Jo says:

    To anyone struggling with this position… persevere! I only just perfected it within the last year or so and it is phenomenal when you get it right πŸ™‚

    • MissChris says:

      I love this position, still working on perfecting it but you know what they say-Practice Makes Perfect! It can get a little difficult on the knees if maintained for extended peiods DEFINATELY switch it up as needed.

  11. tammy says:

    i am not that experienced when it comes to having sex period. . .and i want to be good hell i want to be great so i look up all these articles on the net and i haven’t tried them because I’m not confident at all. . . Tho I’m tired of just laying there and i never NEVER feel anything is it because my mind isn’t in it because i masturbate all the time it feels so damn good i cum all over the place. i know I’m a big freak deep down and i want her to come out but how??

  12. kitty says:

    I’m diffinately going to give this a shot,one question,does the man get sexually satisfied with this position?

  13. Bongi says:

    I can ride it but not fast

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