How To Make Your Man Jealous

It’s no secret that a jealous man will do anything to please you so today’s post is all about how to make your man jealous. A word of caution first for all you ladies that think the only way to make a man jealous is to flirt and be with other men.  This is the wrong thing to do and if this was your initial though then keep reading.

If you want to build a good relationship with your man then don’t try to make him jealous by being with other men.  This only shows that you are insecure and an insecure or needy woman is enough to drive any man away.

There are 3 things I am going to share with you in this post that will show you how to make your man jealous in a good way and if you do this correctly you should be having steamy passionate sex in no time.

The first thing that I have to point out is that to men jealousy is ugly and it is a sign of insecurity and very unattractive so you have to be a little bit sneaky on this one.  I am going to give you a couple of tips on how to make your man jealous without being unattractive.

The key to this is to have fun and enjoy yourself.  Men love women who have fun and let’s face it, attractive energy is attracting and if you can do this properly you will be able to lure him in with your energy.

So what’s the main thing that you need to do ladies?  First off the whole point of making your man jealous is so that he will want you even more and the best way that I know for you to do this is through pleasure.  Yes pleasure.

Here’s what I want you to try and be sure to come back and let me know how you get on too.  This is really simple and you are going to have fun too.  You all know how to please yourselves right?  Well what I want you to do is please yourself and have fun doing it.  You can do it alone or in front of him if you prefer.  Actually it is probably best if you do it with the door open.  What you want to show him is that you are having fun and getting pleasure but that he is welcome to join you if he wants.  No man can resist believe me.  There is nothing that makes a man more jealous than knowing that you can have all the pleasure you want without him.

You might like to say that you are going up to relax in the bath and say forget your towel or something.  You can call down to him to bring your towel in from the bedroom and purposely have a vibrator sitting on top of the towel.  When he brings in your towel you could already be pleasing yourself….

There are plenty of scenarios that you can use for this one but the main thing is that he knows that you are getting pleasure without him. This is going to make your man jealous and he will want to join in believe me.

[OK, let me know how you get on with this little experiment and how it improves your sex life – Comment below, please]

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20 responses to “How To Make Your Man Jealous”

  1. Dimitra says:

    cool. i’m gonna try that asap 🙂

  2. betty says:

    thank you mym for yet another way to make my life more interesting. and there is nothing i enjoy more than pleasing my man! but to please myself for him, who novel. simple genious!

  3. Archer says:

    I find jealousy the biggest turn-off.

  4. jin says:

    well idk if it makes him jealous…because ive d0ne that and he just came in the room and joined…i wanted t0 d0 it too but i didnt tell him i just thought i should get mines by myself and he came in and got happy luckyily for him i was playing with myself like doggie style with the vibrator…s0 yea it was good =)=)

  5. reo says:

    i think somehow thats more seduction in a sense..i think he will enjoy seein tht more than bein a bit jealoused

  6. Karla says:

    I’d honestly have to agree with Reo.. She has a point, won’t that simply show that you’re in need of pleasure and attention there fore it’s just an opening for him.

    Him reacting and joining in, to me, isn’t really an act of jealousy, what man is going to resist seeing a women pleasure herself, and not “Assist” ?

  7. Belle says:

    I’d like to make a comment on the flip side of this. Believe it or not, I didn’t know about men and masturbation until the 90’s when I witnessed it for myself. I was upset with the discovery but have since learned that it’s not uncommon, and that it’s okay to ask or say “hey, let me help with that” ( or something similiar). However, at that time, I was hurt and astounded more than jealous or intrigued.
    If it were today, I might be inclined to feel a sense of relief knowing that he is well capable of ” taking care of himself “.

  8. Nicole says:

    Jin that’s awesome

  9. Jessy says:

    hi there nice article i love it . looking forward to try this with my lover. But Archer just a question. how can i make my man jealous if we’re not living together??

    • Archer says:

      Jessy, good question about making your man jealous when don’t like together.

      Anyone have suggestions for Jessy?

  10. Beth says:

    I don’t live with my man.. but I’ve given him voice messages of me pleasing myself.. just listening to it made him crazy.. cause well it was just to listen to and not an invitation or a visual he could dip in when he saw the even taking place. yes, it was for his pleasure.. Make him jealous? Not really sure.. I just have learned the peer fact he knows I am naughty, do things to not only please him but can take care of it on my own if need be keeps him on his toes and doesnt want me to share that with anyone else 🙂 Just a thought..

  11. Beth says:

    and if you really want to spin his wheels.. drop it to him very randomly.. 2pm on a work day? Hey, doesn’t mean you have to be creating it at that time.. but it will completely come unexpected and he will be eating out of the palm of your hands.. You just can’t ever make him think you can’t take care of that on your own..(even if the truth is, as for me at least, you absolutely adore him and wouldn’t want to share even that with anyone else) hope this helps!!

  12. Soumana says:

    Not a bad plan but if I were man I would long for something that I can’t resist if i were hardly distance away from you.

    And if i were a woman I would not wait that long…I mean physically a couple will automaticly send each other’s hunger. So why not do right there where we are standing?
    For me if you wait long you don’t give the best as moving straight towards your desire.

  13. Soumana says:

    Could you show me an example?

  14. Soumana says:

    He never gets jealous but amuses him to see me acting strange to get his attention.
    All in all avoid making him jealous by going out with another man cause you may never see him coming back again and worst you might dump by the current one you are flirting.

    To make your man jealous, take care, stay in good health and love yourself. All these will make you feel confident and good. My man gets lost and wouldn’t want me to go anywhere else .

  15. gc says:

    Why would anyone want to have a relationship built on a foundation of jealousy and mistrust? Unconditional love is the only way to have solid, life affirming relationship and it’s what I strive for. Jealousy is a green eyed monster that needs to be eradicated from our societal belief system.

  16. mr says:

    Hi GC, I respect your opinion. However, unconditional love doesn’t work all the time. Sometimes we need to act differently in order to get what we want.

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