How To Make Legs Look Longer

Who doesn’t want to know how to make their legs look longer?

Most women don’t necessarily keep a pair of ‘hooker heels’ at the ready in the back of their shoe closet, nor do they sport stilettos to the office Monday mornings for work.

But a lack of fantasy footwear should never stop you. Even in the hottest of lap dances, the shoes have to come off sometime.

So good dancers learn to walk on their bare tip-toes.

Walking on your tip-toes helps you attain the same physical effect as wearing the shoes: it makes your legs look slimmer, extra toned and longer than they actually are, and your calf muscles get a work out while you’re dancing as an added bonus!!

Notice how strutting on her tip-toes forces her chest out, arches her back and pushes her rear and chest out, making it appear rounder and more attractive.

Also notice that, in addition to bringing out the feminine definition in her calves and legs, this position also emphasizes all her other womanly assets. (Oh, men love anything rounder, don’t they?)

Achieving a pronounced arch in the small of the back  (pushing your breasts out) is essential to triggering an innate reptilian response from the male brain.

Arched back, butt out, chest forward= MATING TIME!!

[Editor Jay Archer :: How to Make Legs Look Longer is an excerpt
from “Lap Dance Unleashed — Lessons & Instructional Videos”]

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3 responses to “How To Make Legs Look Longer”

  1. Donna says:

    My Husband and I are both in our middle 40’s and your tips have really helped us in the bedroom bring back the energy and excitement we had just 4 short years ago. Please continue sending me any free tips you may have. He now wants me to dress-up in nylons and high heels nearly everytime we make love, but I’m just not as young as use to be and I want to meet his desires, but don’t know what to do about this because as I said I’m just not that y oung anymore. Do you have any tips about how to keep his desires fulfilled while I can keep myself from falling down in 4 an a half inch heels.

    Sincerely yours,


  2. Em says:

    Great advice, I would have never thought of it! It sounds hard to do though, dancing on one’s toe tips….but practice makes perfect doesn’t it? 😉

    • christina says:

      it’s not so hard. just try to do it while you’re doing your household chores. after a week or two of that, you’ll have it mastered.

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