How Long Do Men Want Sex To Last?

foreplay12Have you ever wondered how long men really want sex to last?

I recently carried out a survey where I put this very question to a group of men.  The results were amazing and the time duration that men specified didn’t include foreplay either.

If you are looking to really put a smile on your man’s face then take note of these results and try helping him to reach that goal.  It’s a great experiment to try and of course there is a lot of fun to be had trying it too.

Survey Results:

50% of men said they wanted sex to last 30 minutes
25% of men said they wanted sex to last 15 minutes
21% of men said they wanted sex to last 60 minutes
4% of men said they wanted sex to last 10 minutes

As you can see from these results under 10 minutes doesn’t even feature.  Men really do want the whole sex thing to last longer than what most reports claim.  I know that there are a lot of reports and articles out there that say the average time couples spend actually having sex is five minutes and if this is true then there really are a lot of very unhappy men out there.

Why not try an experiment.  Time your next sex session and see what the results are.  This will give you are starting point to work from.  IF you fall under the 10 minutes then might I suggest that you find ways to make him last longer.  There are plenty of thing that you can do.  You might want to try buying a penis ring.  These are great for helping a man last longer and for you ladies the good news is that they also make him feel a lot bigger too.  Us men love these cock rings because they enhance the sensations of sex too.  You can buy these from all sex shops and if you really want to make it fun might I suggest that you get one that has a vibe built in so that you can maximize your own pleasure too.

When all is said and done, the reason you visit this blog and read these posts is so that you can pick up some valuable tips and information on how to please your man and have the best sex ever.  I tell it like it is and with that said here’s a little tid bit for you to chew on.

There is a really strong correlation with the frequency of sex and your health and happiness.  The reason for this is that sex is a high intensity exercise and therefore the longer you spend doing it the better it is for you.  Makes sense right?

So my advice for today:  Get a stopwatch, time your next sex session and then work on getting up to at least 30 minutes or more.

Believe me he will love you for it and a happy man means a lot more pleasure for you too.

To passion,


PS as always – Please comment. I love your comments, questions and feedback.

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24 responses to “How Long Do Men Want Sex To Last?”

  1. Sky Raine says:

    Ummm. My man wants to have sex until he has to go to work. The last time lasted 4 hours!!!

    I told him that he’s needs counseling. Cause that cant be normal. I am SO gonna foward this article to him!!!

  2. Betty says:

    Dear Jay, So I’m curious – – will you ever let us see a pic of you? How old are you? Are you in a relationship? – – – – I DO love reading your advice and tips.

    It’s good to hear things from a man’s point of view. – – – I am well versed in a lot of sexual things because I read, watch, experiment, and talk to a few of my own male “friends,” and have an “extensive history” of pleasing the men that I met along the way. So I know that you are “right on” when it comes to what you are saying. It took me a long time to get to where I am today but I am thankful for all the things I’ve learned. I would be a “good catch” for someone, but at the present time, I am trying to get over a one year relationship with someone who I wasn’t meant to be with in the first place. For me, he was the “perfect man.” The only flaw was that he was a “liar” for his own purpose and I don’t tolerate lying. Trust and Communication is priority in a relationship. – – That being said, it doesn’t stop the pain and the fact that I fell in love with him and who he portrayed himself to be. – – – We all just want someone to love us – right?

    – – – Anyway, keep sending us tips and info. We are never too old to learn.

    And I want to continue to be a fantastic lover, because MEN ARE THE BEST THING EVER PUT ON THIS PLANET FOR US TO ENJOY AND TO PLEASE.

    (PS – I gave up that other life over 10yrs. ago, but what I learned about MEN and MYSELF has been invaluable.) Eventually I just want a one-on-one relationship.

    – – – One of your faithful readers, Bettyjean

  3. Appreciate It says:

    Hey jay, I love reading your articles. You teach me something new all the time And I truly appreciate it. Somethings people know but being a girl people think it’s weird if we talk to guys about it. Hearing it straight from you, from a man helps us all out.

    For example, I thought that a penis ring would make the man ejaculate quicker becuase it made sex more pleasureable. and adding on to that I am a very open girl… I’m almost up to about anything. Not everything but depending on what somethings are and how much I know about it I may or may not do it. I’m a little shy in the bedroom at times becuase well my self esteem is low and I don’t feel that I should be trying new things in fear of being judged but you have raised my bedroom confidence by informing me and teaching me new things.

    I’m sure if my soon to be fiancé knew about you he would praise you for what you do.

  4. Nicole says:

    Yes i do LOVE those vibrating rings! I brought one on me and my husbands honeymoon and now i never want to go without it! it enhanced everything by at least 3 times. Definately would recommend it. That reminds me.. need to get batteries. lol 😀

    P.S: Love your articles! Always look forward to reading them 🙂

  5. EM says:

    Interesting as always! 😀 I love reading your articles too 🙂

  6. Lerato says:

    who the heck wants sex for 4 minutes…??? ssex is not meant for just guys to enjoy. i had a relationship once when sex was over as soon as he came… that is not nice. it takes longer for girls to come so the longer the better. 10 minutes is just as bad… gosh!

  7. Lisa says:

    Love reading your articles..can’t wait to get the next one 🙂

  8. Sarah says:

    Me and my boyfriend had sex for over an hour and when I talked to my friend about it she said it wasn’t possible but it’s true!

    What’s the longest time possible?

  9. Sydnie says:

    I subscribed to this to try and heat things up in the bedroom with my husband.

    we have been together for 4 years and have a 10 month old son. we are on the verge of getting a divorce because he basically finds me repulsing but yet he “loves me”? we have not had a good sex life the entire time we have been together and i have tried to leave him but he comes running back and im stupid for taking him back. i read these comments that other people make and makes me cry cuz that is what i want. my husband wants a dominant woman and i am far from that. he always talks bout what he wants to do with other girls in detail that he sees. i have the lowest self esteem anyone could ever have, i am starting to find myself repulsing and i have always wanted to model but that is now down the drain. he thinks i dont like sex cuz im not a whore i have only been with 2 other guys than him and those were one night stands. he cant even get off in the light while i give him head.

    • Archer says:


      I’m sorry for your situation.

      It sounds to me like the problem is primarily with him NOT you.

      I’m guessing he has some hang-up OR an idea of how or what a woman should be.
      Try to get him to communicate what his idea of what his ‘ideal’ woman is. If it’s achievable
      and you’re willing – great. IF unrealistic then it’s time to make some hard choices.

      If he runs after you it seems that he does love you – take comfort in that.

      Jay Archer

  10. Kerri says:

    My boyfriend and I have had sex for almost 2 hours a few times, but very tired and dead at the end of it, need a good sleep 😉 But lately I have found the more I enjoy the sex, like once I get worked up to “that state” he tends to enjoy it more, so out sex doesnt last that long much anymore but never has been like 10 or 20 minutes. But I like my sex lasting long. I do believe we are good pretty good almost 3 years together and we are still all over each other =)

  11. Batgirl says:

    Ummm Please don’t hate me our average is 3 hours.

  12. Talieta says:

    Jay I think you are preaching to the choir here. women want sex to last longer.. well this one does anyway. I love sex and seriously can’t get enough of it. and none of this boring same position all the time either….

    Love your advice and I look forward to reading each new article that comes out.. you have given me some very practal tips that being a woman i just would not have thought of… and some times some of the advice was oh good, that is appreicated..

    thanks for all your work in putting this together Jay , it is apreicated

  13. Lady Belle says:

    Who cares how long it last as long as both parties needs are met. Some sessions will be longer, others shorter. However, it is nice to have a man who realizes the importance of foreplay.
    Curious about the “ring” thing. Wondering if it’s safe to use. Kind of new to the toy thing. Always wondering if it’s safe to use things that vibrate in that area.

  14. Lerato says:

    @lady belle… true that… sometimes you just want that rush esp in risky areas, eg a quicky… as long as noone is complaining… beartiful… i stil do think on a normal day 20min is enough… changing positions a lot prolongs it and it is nicer. not hit it for 5min and sleep!!!! and i agree with sarah, that is possible…

  15. Lerato says:

    no i mean 20min is NOT ENOUGH!!!!!

  16. megs says:

    Hey all,

    I love my boyfriend very much and can we are all over each other but he really never lasts more than 5 or 10 minutes. We have tried a couple things but nothing seems to work. Instead, we tend to go heavy into foreplay. I would love to help him last longer because the 5 to 10 minutes is simply amazing! I get chills thinking of what more time could be like. Like I said, I love him very much and I certainly dont want to embarrass him.

    Any help would be very much appreciated!! Thanks all!

  17. Dimitra says:

    sorry guys but it’s not always about time. My ex lasted 4 hours(!), my bf now about 20-30 minutes. but those minutes are full of passion. So i prefer that.

  18. Hannah says:

    30 minutes is so not enough time, I could go for hours!

  19. Kitty says:

    My lover and I last usually about 20 mins.,but both are totally satisfied,alway’s great orgasm’s,and 3 or 4 time’s a day,just cause it’s the best high ever.

  20. peaches says:

    we really dont watch the clock.. an i can say that.. its all night all.. i know we go to bed around 10pm an sometimes.. damn always we go to sleep when the bird chrip.. an its a lil after dawn.. lol.. we just cant get enough.. an its never a short time.. even if i try to sneak a quick one in.. it never happens..

  21. Miles says:

    …Interesting. Mine goes for 2-3hrs… I’d say 15mins up to 3hrs depending on my mood. I spy a multiple choice survey!

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