4 Steps to Seduce Your Husband

After a few months of sweaty sex on every surface in the house flows into quickies before bed, the familiarity of marriage can lead to the frustration of bedroom boredom.  Many couples experience the downfall of their sex life due to the pressure of marriage leaving women wondering how to seduce their husband.  The secret to how to seduce your husband is easy.  It requires two fundamental components.

First, to seduce your husband, you have to be willing to add spice to your relationship by stepping outside of the familiarity of your everyday life.  Remember, using the element of surprise to seduce your husband will put you in a whole new light in his eyes by adding adventure and mystery to the woman he sees everyday in a house robe and slippers.

Second, the secret of how to seduce your husband is to become a sex diva for the night.  The main thing that every sex diva has over every other woman on the planet is self confidence.  She is ready to seduce a man and knows that she has the ability to do so.  Slip into her skin for a few hours and seduce your husband!

If you have noticed cold winds blowing from the direction of your sex life lately, then try these surefire tips seduce your husband:

  • Go On the Attack: So often, men are used to taking all of the risks in a relationship and making the sexual advances.  If you go on the sexual prowl to seduce him into acts of pleasure, then he gets the message that he is wanted and sexually attractive to you.  Nothing will seduce your husband faster than passionate intensity directed right at him.
  • In with the New: For every skill or talent, you must work to add new steps or hone your abilities.  Sex is the same.  Learning how to give a blow job or a new sexual position brings a whole new level of seduction to your game.  The best way to seduce your man with a new move like a hand job or a blow job is by using his body as a learning tool.  Inform him that you have always wanted the power to make him come with a hand job.  Now add a skimpy costume and some role playing to tip the scales in your favor.
  • Strip Away Your Inhabitations: Many women avoid stripping because they are self conscious about their body or feel clumsy next to the strippers they have seen on TV.  The key of how to seduce your husband using a strip tease is that effort is everything.  The impression of power when you visually present your body during a slow strip tease and the promise of sexual fulfillment with the erotic bump and grind of a lap dance.
  • Talk Dirty to Me: Aural sex (talking dirty) is extra sexy because you can do it anytime and anyplace.  In fact, the more discreet and inappropriate the place, the more seductive the temptation.  At your next dinner with friends or family, lean over to your hubby and briefly describe a sexual adventure you have planned for later that night.  Be dirty and add details.  Then, go back to your original conversation with the others without further discussion.

If you have any favorite tried and true tricks on how you seduce your husband, please share your naughtiest with us!

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  1. DReamz says:

    I think doing a strip tease is very seductive

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