Hot Exotic Dances You Can Do For Your Man

strip, strip for your man, strip tease, So you want to shake up your man’s mojo with some sexy exotic dance moves that will have him day dreaming about your dangerous curves of pleasure.  Good, then you are so in the right place to learn the best way to turn your moves from nice to naughty just in time for Christmas!

First things first, right up there with confidence in your ability to provoke your man to squirm in his seat with exotic dance moves that strokes his male parts is the realization that there are many different types of exotic dance.

To unleash the exotic dance diva deep in your soul, consider these fabulous favorites:

  • Strip Tease: A striptease is the most time honored and easiest of the exotic dances.  After all, you are only removing your clothes to a beat right?  Wrong!  Take some time to plan the right time and place.  Add some spice with props and check your wardrobe.  The most common mistake that most women make is wearing lingerie that is overly complicated and hard to remove once in the candle light.  Practice a few times to make sure that the seduction is smooth so you feel sexy.  And, when you have his attention, don’t get nervous and move to fast.  It is not a race.  Enjoy teasing and tempting him with your sensual efforts.
  • Pole Dancing: Pole dancing adds the unique element of balance to the art of exotic dance.  Some practice will teach you that sweaty skin sticks to the pole and prevent a smooth slide.  Also, by practicing with a pole, you will learn what shoes and costume works best for your exotic dance moves.  Take the extra step of renting a video to show you the best pole dancing moves or take a class with an exotic dancer.  The small investment will boost your confidence and give you some great hints to help you enjoy your pole as much as he does.
  • Lap Dancing: For most men, lap dances are a guilty pleasure.  The secret to giving a great lap dance is simply rolling of your butt against his lap.  Much like masturbation with your ass, slowly stroking his male parts with long, grinding motions will bring sparks to his crotch.
  • Booty Shake: The booty shake is the revenge for all of us girls with extra junk in our trunk!  A good booty shake will get attention with visuals of doggy style sex.  Although the booty shake is not difficult to learn, it can be more difficult for women with a smaller booty.
  • Belly Dancing: Belly dancing, considered the sensual sister of the other more sexual exotic dances, is a matter of manipulating the muscles and movements of the body in inviting ways that imitate sexual intercourse.  It is easy to visualize the pleasures of sex with a woman practiced in the art of belly dancing because it shows a level of interest in expressing sexuality through the movements of the body.  For many women, it takes years of practice with a teacher to learn the expressions of the body that compose the art of belly dancing.

With different flavors to flaunt your sexy side to seduce your man, you will want to add all of these moves to your racy repertoire of exotic dance drama.  Have any experiences with any of these forms of exotic dances?

Share with us which ones is your favorite and what you use to turn your man!

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5 responses to “Hot Exotic Dances You Can Do For Your Man”

  1. marie m. says:

    these articles are vakanisimos, I mean goods. Thanks.

  2. Lee says:

    dont forget, its also fun to mix it up w/the dances like a strip and a lap or belly dancing with a strip get creative

  3. Lerato says:

    i gave my boyfriend a lapdance for his birthday. i bought a sexy number, did it on hills… things have been on fire ever since. now he takes me himself to victoria secrets himself to buy me more of those lingeries… lap dancing, booty shaking and belly dancing all at once, thats a killer…

  4. Tracy says:

    Can’t wait to dance for my man!

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