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Welcome to our FAQ page, where the most common customer questions are answered. If your question is not listed here, please email us.

Frequently Asked Questions

Email is the quickest way to receive answers to your questions. We greatly prefer email, but if you need to, go ahead and call us and leave a message at 1-888-996-9296. We can normally get back to you within 24 hours.

FAQ Answers

What Are my Payment Options?
Online Methods:

PAYPAL – America’s most trusted online payment solution Buy Now via PayPal

CREDIT CARD – Fast and Reliable Buy Now with Credit Card

MAIL – Send cash, personal check or money order (in U.S. Funds) Order by Mail

Do You Have Printed Books?
Unfortunately we do not offer a printed version of the eBook. I know a lot of people enjoy having a book in their hands, but on the plus side, you can be reading the books within minutes of ordering. Once you order, you are directed to a download page where you grab the book in .pdf format (Adobe Acrobat). You are welcome to print the books out from home or Kinko’s if you wish.

I No Longer Get the Newsletters or They Are In My Junk Folders

If you stopped receiving newsletters but would like to be back on our subscription list, please go here and enter your name and email address or email Support with your first name and the desired email address to be signed up. From time to time we have issues with our mail servers. We will try to make sure you are on the list if you want to be. (Remember, we will NEVER share your info with anyone third party, for any reason, ever!)

Once you are subscribed again, please go here for instructions on how to add us to your white list and help assure you will continue to receive my valuable Dating Tips newsletter.

I Don’t Want Your Newsletters!
If you are receiving our newsletters or any mail from us that you would no longer like to receive, we will be happy to remove you from any future mailings. We apologize. Please email support.

What Are The Terms Of My Purchases?
For the eBook, click HERE. The terms are listed at the bottom of the page where you bought or can buy the eBook.