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Oral Sex: What Do Men Really Think?

– Interview With An Honest Alpha Male

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[Important: Always practice safe sex. No amount of pleasure is worth the risk]

Q: How important are blow jobs to men?

No 2 guys will ever agree on politics, sports or the world’s hottest women BUT I don’t know a single man who wouldn’t agree that a great blow job is a critically important in their sex life.

Q: What do men complain about?

That’s a long list (laughing)! Women should know that when men talk about sex it’s usually for 3 reasons:

  1. To talk about who we had sex with OR would like to have sex with (If we’re single)
  2. To complain about the sex we’re NOT having
  3. To complain about bad sex

One of the big ‘bad sex’ complaints I hear from guys is that his girlfriend either doesn’t give blow jobs (Yikes, major red flag) or how awful her blow jobs are.

Q: What advice do you give guys in the zero blow job or bad blow job relationship?

Q: What’s the difference between a good & bad blow job?


I can boil down most blow job complaints to lack of enthusiasm, passion and confidence. If she has the right attitude and passion the technique can be learned fairly quick. There’s nothing pretty about a woman fumbling around, treating your penis like a frozen treat.

Other blow job

Q: Should women worry about gagging?

Believe it or not, most men find a bit of gagging cute and actually a bit of a compliment. He thinks “Look how big I am. I’m too much for her to handle.” It’s juvenile but it’s a bit of an ego boost.

The only time gagging becomes an issue for men is when it gets in the way of a good blow job. If there’s more gagging than blowing that’s a little frustrating.

However, I will say that the best blow jobs (2 out of 10) I’ve ever had have involved a deep throat.

Q: Spit or Swallow? What do men really like?

It’s personal preference. Guys who are very visual love to see it on a woman’s skin (face, chin, chest etc…). Others think it’s hot when a woman enthusiastically takes his ejaculate inside her. There’s just something naughty about it.

But I don’t recommend this unless you’re long-term, monogamous relationship for the potential risk reasons. (Always practice safe sex) If you are in a  long-term relationship….bottoms up! Just don’t make faces like you’re drinking a broccoli & garlic smoothie, OK? It kind of spoils the moment.

Q: What’s the difference between a good & bad blow job?

Learning how to give a blow job is a learned skill

Master Oral Sex & Fulfill His Fantasy

Blow His Mind - How To Give A Great Blow JobHINT: You’re NOT going to learn how to the ultimate oral sex from…

  1. Reading articles in magazines
  2. Watching TV
  3. From your girlfriends

Why? This information is far too graphic for mainstream media.

And, regarding advice from other women, how often do you sit around giving each other graphic, blow-by-blow (pardon the pun) detailed sexual demonstrations? Not very often, right? Awkward?!

Here’s another hint…

Only Take Advice about Oral Sex….from Men!

WHY?: Who knows which blow job techniques feel most pleasurable & which don’t …. a man or woman? Stupid question, right?

Unfortunately, most information in this area is created by women?!? It doesn’t make any sense, does it?

OK, maybe you have a girlfriend who is a self-proclaimed ‘Blow Job Expert’ (in her opinion). So what? How does that help you? How will she pass her experience on to you?

Sex Survey

I get dozens of questions from my ‘Master Your Man’ newsletter subscribers every week asking me for advice on sex, intimacy, relationships and commitment. I conducted a sex and relationship survey of 1000’s of men and women

1st – I surveyed 100’s of men about sex to learn what they liked, loathed, and loved in a blow job.

2nd – I surveyed 1000’s of women to find out what questions & challenges they had around blow jobs

3rd – Created unique lesson guides designed to teach women how to give the ultimate oral sex experience

Answer Dozens of the Biggest Blow Job Questions…

We surveyed 1000’s of women to find out exactly which questions & issues they were struggling with. We saw the same questions over and over. For example…

  • What to do about teeth?
  • How to stop gagging & choking?
  • Blowjobs without hands
  • How to stop your jaw from getting sore and tired?
  • ‘Hand’ tips
  • What should you do with his ‘balls?’
  • Spit or swallow?
  • Uncut – what to do differently?
  • What to do when his penis is too big?
  • and more…

To Give The Ultimate Oral You’ll Need to Learn…

  • The biggest secret – the key – to giving the best BJ…every time
  • Exactly where your man’s pleasure points are on his penis.
  • How to know with 100% certainty if he’s enjoying what you’re doing to him
  • How to give a blow job and look like you’re very experienced
  • Countless blowjob tips, tricks and techniques
  • How to be in complete control of when your man ejaculates.
  • What your man really wants you to do to finish him off during a blow job
  • What to do with his scrotum when going down on your man.
  • How to grip his penis when you have your mouth on his manhood.
  • etc.

Guidebook Format

  • Written Lesson Guide
  • Instructional Audio MP3
  • Instant Downloadable & Printable PDF guide
  • No Embarrassing Packages in the Mail

60-Day Guarantee

After studying this instructional guide & using the techniques if you’re man isn’t saying ‘WOW’ and getting 2x the pleasure just visit the support I will give your money-back.

“Blow His Mind”
How To Give The Ultimate Oral Sex


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