What’s Your Best Oral Tip?


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It’s amazing how often I’m asked for oral sex advice. That’s why I created the BJ Handbook.

Often, women will start their question by saying…

“I’m great at it but just want to learn some more advanced stuff and take it up a notch…”

By the way, this is a typical male response too. “I’m amazing but want to learn more.” Yeah, sure you are, buddy. Why don’t we ask your girlfriend about that one, huh?

In light of all the requests for oral advice…I’m putting together a new guide that will include advanced blow job tips. Coming soon (pardon the pun).

I want to make sure I haven’t missed a single hot, exotic or crazy oral technique to include in the guide…so I’d really appreciate your help.

SHARE your hottest blow job tip in the comments, below. Feel free to comment on each others, improve on them or chime in with your own twist.

WIN : The best 3 tips will win free copies of the guide when it’s ready.

I sincerely appreciate your help,

PS If I were you I’d check back in a couple of days to read through the tips readers have shared. There will probably be nuggets of pleasure gold hiding in there.

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29 responses to “What’s Your Best Oral Tip?”

  1. Maria says:

    When I give my guy a bj, I usually use my other hand/fingers to massage his prostate. Judging from his moans, it gives him added pleasure.. Combo of bj and rim job also kicks it up a notch.

  2. gina says:

    Start by grabbing it and spitting on it to get it wet then thrust it slowly with Ure mouth up and down then faster then do a lot a lot of deep throat they love the feeling and it get even more sloppy the slopier the better and moan while Ure deep throating make gagging sounds and while u deep throat make sure the balls are wet to and rub them keep doing that and hell cum LOL ….also if Ure on Ure knees doing all this tell him to kiss Ure wet mouth and to spit in it then spit on his dick or if he’s laying dwn then do it like a 69 except he’s not going dwn on u he’s just enjoying the view and touching u.etc

    • Alia says:

      Hi Gina
      I never wet my man balls. I want spit on them, but I will try lubeing them up with my tongue. As a foreplay he may like it if you kiss or lightly lick the sides of his nipples. My man let out a soft “Oouu, babyy! He also, like to watch me to play with his dick & talk dirty, while simply lying beside him and looking him in the eyes. He enjoy the confidence I have
      just my the touch of my hand while his dick grow in the palm of my hand. Then I enjoy watching him cum between my breast, not my mouth. We like keeping it clean.

  3. Kira says:

    Here’s hoping I’m not regurgitating what you’ve written before for us gals. This is my personal policy on giving BJ’s (I dunno about advanced, I’m 24 and pretty much a ‘good girl’). Since I’ve only encountered guys with ‘exit only’ policies, all I recommend is keep one hand (I use my left) on the base like you’re giving him a hand job, and while you’re moving keep up good suction. Guys do feel proud when you gag (makes ’em feel big whether they are or aren’t), and keep it wet. If you’re doing it like a sixty-nine, keep touching yourself with your free hand (he likes to look. The wetter you are the better he’ll feel!) otherwise, keep your hand moving on him. Make eye-contact every now and again, give him the porn star eyes. Those might be simple, amateur tips, but I’ve gotten plenty of complements and can keep a guy coming back. I’ve also been told (by guys) to avoid the theatrical lip popping and lolly-pop thing, since guys just want to be somewhere nice and wet, not slapped around on some girls lips. Also, in my experience, they love it if you swallow, but they like it less if you make the ‘EWWWW’ face and complain, so do whatever makes you happy when it comes (heh) “To Spit, or Not to Spit.” (I’ve heard that if a guy drinks pineapple juice every day he tastes sweet, but I’ve yet to find a man that’s committed to anything of the sort, all tastes the same to me! Anyone know anything about it?).

    • Alia says:

      “Swallow,” Good girls don’t swallow. I’m much older. Trust me if the men had to taste our cum they would make a EWWWW face or spit it out, too. I love to give my man a bj but we keep it clean. Men and Women can equally receive pleasure and still respect one anothers limits.

      You, are right. Do what makes you happy when it comes to spit or not spit.

  4. Lisa says:

    I use the suction technique ever so often during. I try to do it when he least expects it and it usually takes his breath away. Like others here I find the deep throat and also sucking on the rim while using my thumb to massage the length of the underside drives him crazy. Well it works for my man and it keeps him in my bed. Lol!

  5. lisa says:

    It’s been my experience that men LOVE having extra attention paid to the underside of their penis just below the head–the frenulum.

    My technique is to press upward on his sensitive spot with my tongue and move it back and forth, “double-timing” the rhythm of sucking and stroking the shaft of his penis with both hands–or, one hand stroking, and the other fondling or cupping his testicles.

    Advanced? I dunno…but it’s effective!

  6. Ann says:

    My guy likes to have his inner thighs lightly kissed. He likes to have his balls kissed, licked underneath and in between. He likes to be licked up and down his shaft and licked around the top rim. I put a finger on his anus and it really throws him for a loop. And cup the boys and let him know hard they are getting right before he comes. And while he is coming gentle squeeze them. He says it all feels like there is more than one girl working on him and loves it.

  7. Ulrika says:

    My fela seems t lyk it wen given him a bj t use both my hands 1 on the sak n 1 on the stick i fount that if u have nails use them it makes ma fela cum lyk theres no tmz wen i clide my nails up and down and as i go faster in my mouth i clide harder with my nails on his dick n every so often clide with my teeth and wen u get t the tip twist suck n gently bite makes him cum every tym he moans more than what i do n nrmly he shouting stop in pleasure cz he carn’t hak much mre . Iv tried it with sum of exs n i seem t get the same reaction , also anther good think put icecream in your mouth just b4 the shock and pleasure of it al makes him cum practicly staight away x

  8. kristi says:

    Have always found that if you enjoy what you are doing so will he! I have a stash of lil secrets… from altoid mints that give him that rush of icey heat to a silky pair of panties wrapped around his cock while stroking. It is important to learn how to control your gag reflex if you have one that is highly sensitive.
    There is nothing like a rock hard throbbing cock in my mouth– love paying special detail to the tip. Nothing sexier than licking the precum oozing from the tip. Use your tongue ladies! And dont just focus on his cock…his balls need some lovin too!
    Tease him… make him beg!! Nothing satisfies my man more than when i bring him to the edge and then don’t allow him to go over. I stop. And i mean stop cold. I love to make him beg for release… tell me baby… what do you want?? and definitely SWALLOW!!

  9. Mary says:

    my bf says one of the things that is a big turn on for him is my passion in doing it, he knows I love doing it and am really into it and that is the big turn on besides the fact that it feels good, we have a great sex life and we know that whatever one of us needs at the moment all we have to do is say so, for me it is a very intimate and special thing, and I love hearing the responses I get from him, and sometimes I have an orgasm when I do it to him!! that sends him over the top!! We are both very honest with each other about our needs and desires!!

  10. Terri says:

    When I give a bj on my guy, I suck him slow and make sure to use my tongue. As Im coming up and sucking him, I also use my tongue to lick him while I suck him coming up. I use my hand to either play with his balls and I lick my finger and play with that little spot between his balls and anus, which drives him crazy. I start off with short and shallow sucks, then move on to deep throat. Mix the rimming, playing with the spot and the slow suck, he will always be a happy camper.

  11. Delaine says:

    my best bj tip will be slowly suckin the penis then ease up to the rim and slowly suck the rim and head at the same time,while you massaging the penis. Then suck and hold the head,rim with your mouth while your tongue touch the hole of the penis. Thats a make a moan and great hard on.

  12. Alia says:

    Ladies begin your blow jobs with a little foreplay. Men like anticipation. So, Turn off the remote_no TV while you roll. The only sound you want to hear is his. stroke his dick then, whisper in his ear “I can’t wait to taste you,” and/or undress him, softly kissing him all over his body, starting with his ear, neck, chest, then thigh…Finally, lick his dick softly around the head. Suck and kiss the head more and softly. Now, switch up and use a variety of ways to keep him aroused. Don’t let him get bored. And don’t forget to play with the balls. Rub oneside of his balls with your thumb while sucking him off. The whole time keep the dick wet. Apply more pressure up to the tip of his dick with the hand or mouth and less pressure toward his body . His body language will be the judge of how “hot” your blow job realiy is to him.

  13. T says:

    I’ve been blowing guys for 20 years and have often been told that I’ve been in the top 3 they’ve ever received. More honest I believe that “You’re the BEST I’ve ever had” old line. So advanced tip to me would be LICK and suck his balls. lick the undersside with your tongue as wide and broad as you can. Give him the ‘around the world” experience by licking from asshole to dick tip in one long lick . Keep that up for 5 licks or so then deep swallow his dick. go back to licking his balls. he’ll remember you 😉

  14. Becca says:

    I do the usual things with my tongue and hands, but I also run my tongue back and forth down from the head, down the shaft to the base, then between the balls all the way around behind the balls and then back around and up before taking the whole thing into my mouth. I go slower on the way down, licking up and down as I go. When I get back up and take the whole shaft in as far as I can, I move my tongue around, especially under the head and put a little pressure on with my lips as I move the head almost all the way out of my mouth before going back down again.

  15. Betty says:

    Enough can’t be said about looking them in the eyes when you are giving them a bj if at all possible. They love it. I agree with Kira – give them the “porn star” eyes. Also suck on them like you are sucking on a pacifier or baby bottle. Deep throat too once in a while. Prostate massage will have them following you FOREVER! Almost all men want a bj. I was in the “business” for 10 years and that’s what most of them wanted because their gf wouldn’t give them one. I do understand that not everyone is willing tho.

  16. LaURA says:

    There is one move I make that get’s them shuttering and/or moaning every time. It is very simple but very effective. Also, I do not do this every time, this way, it is always a surprise. I find that the biggest advance tip is variety. Every girl should have a few well practiced moves and switch them off now and then. I hope I can explain it correctly. As I am going along, enjoying and doing my thing, I wait until he is almost peaked. Then I slow it down a little bit. With not much pressure and in a slower mode, I just go up and down a few times. But as I am doing this I increrase the pressure a bit and very slightly curve the penis towards him, putting more pressure on the underside. I wait for him to slightly relax a bit more. Then with a sudden switch, I take one long and (very important) slow stroke upwards and curve the penis the other way to apply pressure to the corona. This is where they have shuttered and moaned. I may do this a few times, but the first one is the one that gets them. After that, I bring it on home. I hope this is something that you were looking for.

  17. christina says:

    Best advice I can give is to suck as much of the guy’s cock in your mouth as you can and keep massaging his balls. Believe it or not, that actually can make a guy cum even more. If you don’t like the taste of cum, you can let your man cum on your face or breasts and that does seem to (at a minimum entertain him). If your jaw starts hurting you can take a short break by licking and sucking up and down the sides of the cock (this does give a man pleasure though I have no clue as to why). My best advice for anyone having issues is to look up at him while you’re doing it and JUST DON’T STOP. And have fun. If you treat it like it’s a chore, he’s not going to enjoy it. You can also buy one of those little egg shaped vibrators with a remote control so that he can increase your pleasure when you increase his. That is a good way to figure out just what your guy likes.

  18. Ulrika says:

    My fela actualy loves it unexpected the other day while we was watching our favorite move n he was having a drink i diecded t top the nyt of n gave him a bj jst b4 i was runing my nails on him whilst snugling then crept down n got on with it prev mesage is how x he loved it truly x timing is the best thing x

  19. inmyskin says:

    I think the key to a great blowjob is not only giving such intense pleasure to your partner but showing him how much pleasure it also gives you! It makes my boyfriend go absolutely wild knowing how much I enjoy turning him on. But of course, method is essential. I always start very slowly, never rushing the anticipation of what’s to come. He loves when I use two hands so I ever so lightly tickle and caress his torso and nipples and move down towards, but not yet touching his package. I then glide gently over his inner thighs. He’s already squirming waiting for me to touch his cock and balls. I breathe hot air over his groin and lightly and in long strokes start tickling his balls moving slowly in feathery movements up the shaft of his cock. He’s moaning with anticipation by now. I get slightly more heavy handed and lightly massage his balls and jerk him very very lightly with my other hand. Its then that I start kissing his balls and his shaft with slow, deep tongue kisses and then give one long wet lick up from his balls to the cock head. This has all taken quite a while by now and clearly he can’t wait for me to take him deep inside my mouth. I then cradle his cock-head in my mouth, while still gently massaging his balls and very slowly lick and suck my way down until his full length is nearly down my throat. I’m nearly as horny as he is by now and dripping wet so I will often masturbate while sucking him, especially when I’m starting to really get into a rhythm with my hand and mouth, and I know he won’t last too much longer. When I know he’s about to come, I stop using my hand and take him as deeply as I can, grabbing his hips to steady me as I pull him deeper into my throat. I love the taste of his cum, so not swallowing is out of the question! We’ve come together on many occasions this way (with me masturbating) and its often the greatest sex. A quickie can be a lot of fun, but the non-hurried, luxuriant and fully stimulating session is by far the best. He does the same with me and my orgasms are insanely strong! Judging by his moans and how much he shoots down my throat, his are too.

  20. Iku says:

    Besides all the basics, one thing my guy loves is when I don’t open my mouth all the way but just put it at the tip of his head and, (lubed, of course) pretend to try to get it in my mouth back and forth stretching just a little more every time (millimeters at a time). He feels great relief when the head finally pops in. It gives great stimulus to the frenulum, as well as feeling like a big guy. 🙂

    Were we supposed to give advanced tips? The reply to the first one kinda scared me off…

  21. Sherill says:

    I have always found that lying on my back on a bed with my head hanging over the edge is just the right height and angle to accept an eager penis. It gives me a chance to grab his ass with both hands and he feels it in a different part of my throat than he is used to.

  22. BW says:

    Number 1 Rule to an Amazing BJ…You have to LOVE what your doing or it’s going to reflect in your skills no matter what tricks you have up your sleeve! I honestly can’t get enough, I think about having a hard cock in my mouth way more than I should and when I finally have it there, I have a hard time pulling myself off it! Number 2, the wetter, the better! Number 3, Pay attention to how he responds to what your doing, EVERY man is different!

  23. Kitty says:

    I think all men are different on how they like there cock sucked,my guy would not like half the thing’s mentioned above,for sure he hate’s teeth going up and down his delicate skin,i make sure my top lip is over my top teeth,I don’t stick to one thing,mix it up a bit,I love the taste of cum,and he love’s the taste of mine,he don’t stop till I squirt all over his face,then he come’s up and share’s the cum with me.I’ve given at least 500 different men BJ’s,and everyone has said best ever,so yes it’s an old line,of corse I used to have a guy that flew 600 mile’s just for a BJ,and gave me 100.00 each time,so maybe I wasn’t to bad,lol.

  24. Erin says:

    Ive found that putting pressure with your tongue on the under side of the penis (the large vein like part) and rubbing while you suck really drives him crazy. Also do it with your thumb while you stroke him.

  25. Gud girl says:

    Your all dirty bitches

  26. roushell says:

    Will try some of these u ladies have been a big help I am 19 and want to suprise him.

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